What does the other university should do if it wants to use Edx system for its pupose?

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Ali Ramz

Feb 2, 2015, 8:51:46 AM2/2/15
to opene...@googlegroups.com

Does anyone know "What does the other university should do if it wants to use Edx system for own pupose?"

I know that all information is in code.edx.org but I did not find the terms and privacy if other university wants to use Edx system for own pupose!

Can you help me?

B.R. Ali Ramz

David Baumgold

Feb 2, 2015, 9:30:49 AM2/2/15
to opene...@googlegroups.com, Ali Ramz
I think you’re asking what a university is required to do in order to install and use the Open edX software. Is that right, or are you asking something else?

The Open edX software is available under an AGPL license. That means that you are free to use the software for whatever purpose you want, and you don’t need to ask permission or pay edX anything in order to do so. However, there are still some restrictions, and the biggest one is that you must make your copy of the software open source as well, including any changes you make to it. If you run a website based on the Open edX software, and you build a new feature into your site, change the HTML pages, or make any change at all to the source code, then you are legally required to make the source code of your website available to anyone who uses your website in any capacity. (If you run a public-facing website, as many people do, then your source code must be visible to everyone in the world.)

I should also mention that the Open edX software is freely available under the AGPL, but the courses running on edx.org are not. Those courses are owned by the universities that produced those courses, and they are not required to share them. Similarly, you can use your own copy of the Open edX software to build your own course, and you would not be required to share the contents of that course.

Does all of that make sense, and do you have any other questions? If so, I suggest that you ask them on the edx-code mailing list. The openedx-ops mailing list is supposed to be for technical questions around getting the software up and running.

David Baumgold
Developer Advocate, edX
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