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Kyle Brown

Jan 22, 2015, 10:53:08 AM1/22/15
I feel terribly embarrassed asking such a basic question, but...

I've followed all of the instructions on the OCW website up to and including the Authentication section.  My development site is now working on Sqlite, and using Persona as the authentication mechanism.  I can successfully sign in under my email address but...

I can't figure out how to sign in as administrator.  I found the administrator email address in secrets.yml and changed that to match my email address, but when I sign in as myself I still get the message saying that there is "no current event available" and that the administrator needs to create one with no other menu options other than managing my login and viewing my proposals (which results in the same message).

What am I missing?  Is there a more detailed tutorial on what the next step AFTER following all the steps on the website should be for people wanting to understand how to create sites?


Jan 22, 2015, 1:24:31 PM1/22/15
Sorry for the confusion — It looks like the docs only show you how to get things set up in development mode, and assume you’ll be using the “development” authentication mechanism, which gives you a button to sign in as a sample admin user. 

For production environments, or if you don’t have the development auth system enabled, you’ll need to manually grant admin permissions to your account using the Rails console. Assuming your account is the most-recently created account:

bundle exec rails console
(wait for the console to load)
User.last.update_attribute(:admin, true)

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