NEW RELEASE: v0.20090616 - fixes status leaks & "remember me"; adds favs, child events, etc

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Igal Koshevoy

Jun 16, 2009, 5:01:55 PM6/16/09
to openconferenceware

- FIXED bug that showed proposal statuses (e.g., "Accepted session")
before these statues were published. They're now only shown if the
Admin sets the "Proposal statuses published?" flag on an event.
- FIXED the login "remember me" feature. Previously it was ignored.
- FIXED proposals feeds. Made top-level "/proposal.atom" and
event-specific "/events/2009/proposals.atom" feed. Also fixed the feed
article timestamps so proposals aren't relisted if edited.
- FIXED the views to use "record-controls" wrappers around controls.
- CHANGED logic for finding the current event: first try using the
"settings.yml" file's "current_event_slug" field and find an event
with a matching slug, else use the old latest-deadline logic. Setting
a current event is necessary if you have multiple open events and want
a specific one to respond to URLs like "/proposals".
- CHANGED anonymous user's label from something like "" to
"User #123 at", which is much clearer.
- CHANGED "rake db:dump" and "rake db:restore" to "rake db:raw:dump" and
"rake db:raw:restore" to avoid collisions with YamlDB.
- Improved "rake db:raw:dump" and "rake db:raw:restore" to support both
SQLite and MySQL.
- Improved proposal form, if an event has a single track or session
type, it's used as the default and no UI is shown. This helps child
events, e.g., parent has many tracks, child has one track.
- Improved events, added parent/child relationships between them. Change
these these associations via the Admin's manage events UI.
- Added user favorites, these show up as stars next to all proposals.
- Added speaker list, e.g., "/events/2009/speakers".
- Improved display of sublists (e.g., a user's sessions and proposals).
These list links back to sessions and display favorites.
- Improved CSV exports for proposals and added these to speakers.
- Improved session sidebox, added room and scheduling information.

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