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Thijs Kinkhorst

Mar 31, 2021, 9:20:57 AMMar 31
to openc...@googlegroups.com
Hi all,

OpenConext EngineBlock has a new layout. After the previous theme served
us well for quite some years, version 6.4 introduces completely
redesigned screens for the most important parts: WAYF and Consent.

To get a quick impression, browse to https://profile.surfconext.nl and
be presented with the new WAYF. The new theme has been designed with a
UX expert and also has a big focus on accessibility.

In order to serve the OpenConext community the theming implementation
has been refactored into a base theme on which you can build your own.
The new EngineBlock theme is one such theme (called 'skeune'
internally), as is the previous theme called 'material' which is still
shipped with Engineblock. The new setup should make it easier to put
Engineblock in your own theme.

The new 'skeune' theme is shipped as the default meaning that its
prebuilt assets are included in the tarball. Should you wish to use the
old theme or a custom theme, the assets need to be built as documented
in the README.

As usual, SURF will focus its development resources primarily on what we
use, which is the skeune theme. The material theme remains available,
but we will not be developing it further. We do however accept
contributions of anyone who does.

Let us know if you have quesdtions about theming Engineblock or feedback
on the new layout.

Kind regards,
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