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Mar 16, 2010, 4:57:44 PM3/16/10
to OpenCog Summer of Code Announcements & Discussion List

I am a master student in CS at University of Waterloo. I plan to
conduct a project in Google Summer of Code 2010 with your team.
Currently, I am interested in the topic of Robotics in your ideas
list. Could anyone tell me more details about what you are expecting
to complish in this problem and the OpenCog applications of Robotics?
Also I would love to discuss with you about my current research in
robot motion planning as well.

Thank you.


Joel Pitt

Mar 16, 2010, 6:51:51 PM3/16/10
to, Ben Goertzel

Ben has been working with the artificial brain lab at Xiamen
University. They've worked with OpenCog and the Nao robot. When I last
heard/saw it, they'd gotten speech recognition, parsing, natural
language generation and voice synthesis all hooked up and working

There were videos available somewhere but I've lost the link.

What aspect of robotics are you specifically interested in, what kinds
of robots do you have access to?


Ben Goertzel

Mar 16, 2010, 7:05:32 PM3/16/10

Yes, a group of students at Xiamen U in China is working on using
OpenCog to control a Nao robot. Their medium-term goal (over the next
couple years) is to make the robot do everything the
OpenCog-controlled virtual dog now does.

Nao is now controllable via ROS (Robot Operating System), so one of
their projects in the next couple months will be to make a fairly
general OpenCog/ROS interface...

Some big issues regarding OpenCog/robotics integration are connecting
OpenCog with appropriate perception and action subsystems. Right now
the Xiamen guys are taking a fairly opportunistic approach to this.

If you want to do something regarding OpenCog and motion planning,
that could potentially be interesting, it's an area we haven't worked
on.... Possibly one might try using OpenCog PLN inference to make a
high-level motion plan, and some other method to fill in the details.
But this would be an ambitious project!

I'd also be interested to have some GSoC student take Itamar Arel's
DeSTIN vision system (which is not yet OSS, but will be within a month
or so) and connect it to OpenCog. But some other similar vision
system could be used as well...

-- Ben G

Ben Goertzel, PhD
CEO, Novamente LLC and Biomind LLC
Director of Applied Research, Singularity Institute for AI
Chairman, Humanity+
External Research Professor, Xiamen University, China

"Every society honors its live conformists and its dead
troublemakers." -- Mignon McLaughlin

Jared Wigmore

Mar 16, 2010, 7:23:36 PM3/16/10
to opencog-soc
> There were videos available somewhere but I've lost the link.

There were meant to be more videos, but I guess Raj hasn't had time yet.

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