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The Viking

May 14, 2020, 5:56:43 AM5/14/20
to Open Cobalt
I downloaded Squeak 5.3 the other day. I got a considerable surprise to find a recipe in the Help browser for installing OpenCobalt, however, it seems to jam up on the very first stage. I'll include it here, I'm interested in knowing what else I need to do to punch OpenCobalt into life on Squeak-5.3. This was run on a brand new clean install of Squeak-5.3 that I dropped into a opencobalt-1.0alpha22 filetree. Seems to fit there fine without wiping out other files.

Steps I took were:
* Download and extract opencobalt-1.0alpha22
* Download and extract Squeak-5.3 into the opencobalt-1.0alpha22 directory. There should be a and a in the same place after this.
* Open Squeak up, configure if you need. I added everything (FFI, the new-ish Git code, etc etc)
* close Welcome window
* open Help>>Squeak Help window (I can't stand the balloon bodged onto the side of the Welcome screen, so I do it this way instead)
* expand "The Project" node, click on "Extending The System", scroll down to the bottom.

Open Cobalt
" (Best to run this from an image in an open cobalt directory)"
Installer ss project: 'TweakCore'; install: 'update'. "<< I was stopped at this point here"
[Installer ss project: 'TweakExtras'; install: 'update']
: (Smalltalk at: #CUnsynchronizedModification) do: [:ex | ex resume].
Installer cobalt project: 'Tweak';
: 'Would you like to conserve memory at all costs?' with: true;
: 'Password for interactive VNC connections?' with: 'cobalt';
: 'Would you like to add the RFBServer to the World open menu?' with: true;
: 'update'


I got stuck when the installer wanted to install Scripting-mtf.82 (is that Matthew's name I see there?), a Warning (Proceed/abandon/Debug) box popped up saying:

"You are about to load new versions of the following packages that have unsaved changes in the image.  If you continue, you will lose these changes.


In the Transcript, it said: 
========== TweakMC-ar.13 ==========

Screened version for maintenance release.

========== Scripting-Preload-ar.6 ==========

Screened version for maintenance release.

========== Scripting-mtf.82 ==========

LinkedList >> removeAll is now in squeak core; remove

So. What suggestions from here?

Regards, BrickViking (a.k.a. DrSmokey)

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