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Craig Thomler

Mar 19, 2014, 3:32:54 PM3/19/14
That's awesome Rosie, good luck continuing to develop the system!

I hope we can see BudgetAus extended to state budgets as well over time :)



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    Rosie Williams <> Mar 19 05:24PM +1100  

    Hi all,
    I have some exciting news! Andrew Perry has offered to auspice BudgetAus as an initiative of the non-profit organisation, Open Local. In addition to this (and to fund it), Andrew has appointed me Community Manager/Developer for Open Local. Open Local aims to support open data principles in general and local community engagement. is another example of the kind of initiative run under Open Local.
    Open Local will be managing social startups in the Collaboratory co-work space at the Parramatta office. We hope to raise funds from government and other sources to continue open data projects with the participation of volunteers as well as paid staff.
    The first event of this nature will be on budget night where some keen budget wonks will be volunteering their labour to input the budget data manually to create a full set of data for public use. Please get in touch if you would like to participate. This will be a challenge but it will also be a great opportunity to put the media spotlight on community engagement with open data issues and issues of budget transparency.
    On behalf of BudgetAus I would like to thank Andrew for his support in allowing this project to continue and for his investment in the principles of open source and open data generally.
    To find out more information about Open Local visit
    Rosie Williams BA (Sociology)Founder & Developer ABN 90 345 143 783 Home | Blog | Twitter | BudgetAus FB | eXpenseAusFB | BudgetAus | eXpenseAus | KnowYourPlace | InfoAus Shop


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Rosie Williams

Mar 19, 2014, 7:59:36 PM3/19/14
Maybe! Got enough on my plate with the federal budget however. Things are really happening now ;-)

Rosie Williams BA (Sociology)
Founder & Developer
   ABN 90 345 143 783
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