ArduinoDay Celebration Mumbai

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Siji Sunny

Mar 27, 2015, 3:37:25 AM3/27/15
Date : March 28, Saturday

Venue : Maker's Asylum

Some of the Arduino projects up for display for show and tell tomorrow:

1. StethoCardiogram - device which measures Heart beats and ECG at same time. Digital pendulum - accelerometer attached to the simple pendulum bob, helps to study mechanical vibration by Sameer Meshram

2. A gaming console to play games from the multiple smartphones by SaiKiran Gunda

3. ARDUINO as analog to digital converter for signal acquisition module, transmit digital signal via Bluetooth to the computer for further processing by Pravin Shende

4. Controlling of the robotic limb by MATLAB via Bluetooth. Image processing for detecting the human hand and its movement which then control the robotic limb by Pankaj Lengare

5. WAND (Wound Analysis Device) is a low cost portable, non invasive perfusion measurement device which produces blood flow maps by imaging the wound by Indranil Chandra

6. Badminton playing ROBOT Arduino is used to Drive the motor (wheel) of robot and it is also used to control the pnuematic control of bot. Two bots are created to play the game of Badminton in Robocon game by Prashant Upadhyay
7. Vehicle Data logger cum tracker with help of arduino, gps receiver and GMS shield. With just a miss call any one can track their respective vehicle. It can be also used in public transport tracking (especially bus). Can be also used to track logistics by Swanand Sapre

8. Interfacing the arduino to an android phone via Bluetooth using the hc05 Bluetooth module, thereby enabling a remote robot to be controlled via your phone. Accelerometer from the phone to send real time orientation to the arduino, thereby enabling to control the robot using only phone tilts by Swapneel Datta

9. A bot which moves in any directions using android phone's bluetooth technology.The bot had Arduino DUE mounted on it which along with HC 05 and a motor driver circuit which made it a car which can be controlled by any andriod phone having Sensoduino App installed in it. This app can render the accelerometer and gravtity sensors to show the co-ordinates and acoordingly these are sent to the bot via HC-05 to help the bot move by Ashay Kully

Siji Sunny

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