What can slow my oref0 0.7.0?

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Petr Borodin

Jan 3, 2020, 4:05:36 PM1/3/20
to OpenAPS Dev
Hi all.
I'm using RPi with Pi HAT, MMT-722 pump, nightscout is hosted on Heroku. My CGM is G5 with Android phone.
I have a problem with the loop speed, all operations called 'refresh' (i.e. 'Temp refresh', 'meal.json refresh') take about 2 minutes each. So in the looplog ('l' in bash) i see Preflight (fast), the oref begins to update the data, it writes 'Temp refresh' and then freezes for couple of minutes. Same goes with meal.json refresh and so on.
I tired to do the next thing: SD card changed 3 times, it's totally new, class 10 Kingston and Sandisc. Next, I did a clen install of nightscout, cleaned all useless data. Next, i took another Pi board, new and shining, also i tried both overclocking to 1100 MHz and underclocking to 700 MHz. I should mean that I have a copper heatsink on the board. I did everuthing that I was able with my pump - enabled and disabled remote control and wireless meter (I've read somewhere it could help), did the self-testing 100 times. My WiFi at home is pretty quick, Heroku sites open less than in 1 sec. I use Android for CGM and tethering, it is also clean and not used for nothing more. My oref0 install is fresh and has no errors, so does the raspbian - it's up to date and clean.
Due to this problem of loop taking about 4-6 minutes I have to wait for the first bolus after carbs entering about 15-20 minutes. Also the prediction graph in NS looks very unclean.
What can I do with all this?
Thank you in advance.

Scott Leibrand

Jan 3, 2020, 4:08:38 PM1/3/20
to OpenAPS Dev
Make sure you're running the latest oref0: it's significantly faster than 0.6.x

You can run an OREF0_DEBUG=1 loop as described at the end of https://openaps.readthedocs.io/en/latest/docs/Troubleshooting/oref0-setup-troubleshooting.html to see exactly what your rig is doing in between normal print statements.

There is some active discussion at https://github.com/openaps/oref0/issues/1348 of improving the speed of oref0 on the Pi Zero.

You should also consider getting an Intel Edison (off eBay or similar) and and Explorer Board: it's much faster than the Pi Zero.


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Petr Borodin

Jan 5, 2020, 7:15:44 AM1/5/20
to OpenAPS Dev
Hi, Scott.
Thanks for your answer. All software versions are up to date. Right now I have not big ability to buy another board for APS.
Unfortunately debugging did not help. Oref0 is stuck here:
'2020/01/05 15:03:00 disconnecting CC111x radio on /dev/spidev0.0
meal.json 35
refreshed: {"carbs":35,"nsCarbs":35,"bwCarbs":0,"journalCarbs":0,"mealCOB":19,"currentDeviation":2.82,"maxDeviation":4.96,"minDeviation":1.96,"slopeFromMaxDeviation":-0.44,"slopeFromMinDeviation":0.223,"allDeviations":[3,2,3,2,5,5],"lastCarbTime":1578220152867,"bwFound":false}
Listening for 10s: .No interfering pump comms detected from other rigs (this is a good thing!)
Continuing oref0-pump-loop at Sun Jan  5 15:04:40 MSK 2020
So this operation takes about 2 minutes.
Also there is this operation:
'2020/01/05 15:06:16 disconnecting CC111x radio on /dev/spidev0.0
Allowing wide eventualBG target range: 97.2 - 97.2
Pump profile refreshed; Allowing wide eventualBG target range: 97.2 - 97.2
Settings refreshed; 2020/01/05 15:07:34 connected to CC111x radio on /dev/spidev0.0'

It also takes more than a minute. All other operations are done pretty fast.
Is there anything I can do to speed this up?
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