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Apr 2, 2021, 10:37:35 AM4/2/21
to OpenAPS Dev

Hi All,
I use the openaps system that takes advantage of the dexcom share api. I wanted to use the same api endpoint to simply backup into a local database. I can authenticate and connect to the api end point fine. I have a question about the data that's being returned. An example record is shown below:

    DT: "/Date(1617376372000+0000)/",
    ST: "/Date(1617372772000)/",
    Trend: 5,
    Value: 122,
    WT: "/Date(1617372772000)/"

The WT timestamp, when converted, looks like it's recording the UTC time of when the reading was taken. DT seems to be the time the reading was taken but according to the local timezone one is in. I'm in the UK so we're currently one hour ahead of UTC so that makes sense with the above record.

For the local timezone, I assumed that the zone, must be controlled by whatever zone the my receiver (in this case my phone) is on. However, changing time zones on my phone didn't affect the DT values coming in and I don't see anywhere in the Dexcom mobile app where the timezone is being set. So now I'm confused. 

This all led me to think maybe I've mis understood these values and any help to clarify if I've got this correct and what DT, ST and WT are would be much appreciated!
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