NEW free CAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Jan 10, 2008, 5:08:52 PM1/10/08
to open_cad_format

Hi all:

We have a new 2d CAD from germany:

They work with DXF files.

I can not understand germany language, but i could install it...

Perhaps we have more free cads in countries with different languages
to the english like japan, china, rusia, italy, France... and we don´t



Jan 11, 2008, 9:06:04 AM1/11/08
to open_cad_format
There is an "english" icon on the main page... And the program
interface is in english too.
I'm having a look right now, it is quite interesting, I found the
interface well made (and icon theme very cool!).
There are still many things missing but the program is just born...

I just joined this group, so hello to eveybody! I find this open cad
format discussion very interesting, not so much in the hope of seeing
a new open format, but more for the discussion and debate around it,
which actually is a good reflexion over what makes or should make a
good cad format, what we need in a cad format today, etc. Only by
reading what you guys wrote already I learned quite a lot. I hope I
can contribute with something one of these days.


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