Camera disconnecting unless win priorities changed!

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Michael O'Brien

Sep 13, 2021, 10:42:25 AMSep 13
to Open PHD Guiding
I dont know if there is anything I am doing wrong but I have been using PHD for years and in the last 6 months I have started to get repeated (as in a few times an hour) camera disconnects. I have tried both a GPCam  and my usual Orion G3 Mono cam with the same result. I have changed USB ports and even a fresh install of windows 10 made no difference. 

I have managed to stop it happening by going into task manager details tab picking PHD2 and changing the program priority to high. i never had to do this before and without going into the registry i need to do it every time I use Phd. Is there an alternative.

I am using an i3 laptop with 8GB ram and built in Nvidea accellerated video card.

Any help or advice would be apreciated.



Sep 14, 2021, 12:09:02 AMSep 14
Hi Michael.  There's really not anything we can do about this.  I would say your laptop is barely sufficient for running Windows 10 at this point, and it may be time to upgrade.  There are some things you can try that might help beyond changing the process priority:
1.  Make sure Windows isn't allowed to "manage" the USB ports as part of a power management scheme.
2.  Take a hard look at what else is running on the system, especially all the background processes.  An imaging laptop should really just be doing things that support that task.  Unless you've taken steps to avoid it, there are often dozens of background processes that are constantly checking for updates or otherwise getting in the way.  Bloated anti-virus packages are another common source of unwanted activity.
3.  Be sure to disable all Windows update activity during imaging sessions, including just "checking".  You can do this in the Settings/Update area by deferring update activity for whatever period of time you're comfortable with. 
4. If necessary, you can try using sub-frames in PHD2 although this will prevent the use of multi-star guiding.
You should also investigate whether these problems occur when there are concurrent image downloads from your main imaging camera and PHD2.  The trouble-shooting section in the manual for "timeouts" covers a spectrum of things to investigate although it sounds like your problem is probably with the PC. 
Hope you can get it sorted out.

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