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Jens Haselhuhn

Sep 23, 2021, 6:13:04 PMSep 23
to Open PHD Guiding
Good evening all,

i have a general "probably" stupid question.

I believe i have to connect all components (guidecam + mount) separately to the PC. PHD2 then takes over communication between them both.

Here comes my question: Do i use the Autoguide port of the mount (ST4) to connect to the PC ? I believe the other remaining option would be the PC port, but thats only for updates and their own software? i also would have Aux1 and Aux2 available.

i dont want to make it easy for me and just ask the pros, but im really confused about the setup.

Thank you in advance,

best regards and clear skies,

Jens Haselhuhn

Sep 23, 2021, 6:29:55 PMSep 23
to Open PHD Guiding
on the CGE Pro there is also a serial port on the bottom of the remote - thats the one probably to connect to the pc.

Best regards,


Sep 24, 2021, 4:13:06 AMSep 24
to Open PHD Guiding
Hello Jens,
Yes, use the Serial port and get a Serial to USB adapter cable to connect the mount to a laptop USB socket. In general terms, install the ASCOM platform and use ASCOM drivers where possible.The ST4 guiding system is not recommended if there are better solutions. Check out the User Manual and Best Practices document, which give all the info you need.
- Jack
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