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Tom Stewart

May 2, 2013, 6:55:27 AM5/2/13
Hi all,

There's a potential opportunity to get funding through corporate social responsibility budgets coming up. Pre-launch fundit-style platform, with a focus on CSR. 

We've been asked if we would like to submit a proposal. 

About a month until it is due in.

What do people think?


Fairly short application. 
Fields as follows:

Project Title

Summary Description
Tell us in your own words what your project is setting out to do. What problem does it solve? Why does it matter? Who will benefit? Why are you doing it?

What Is Your Project's Theme? eg. Youth, Environment, Event, Elderly, Inner City, etc.


Proposed Start Date

Proposed End Date

What Are The Risks & Challenges?

How Much Are You Looking For?

Does Your Project Require Volunteers?

Do You Want To Offer Rewards to People Who Fund You

Do You Want To Get Corporate Backing?

Your Name

Your Email

Any Other Comments?


May 2, 2013, 7:02:47 AM5/2/13
Do you have any more info on the potential funding source? A link or anything?

I think we should go for it if we can. We may be able to use the previous application to help fill out this one.

I can't put the whole thing together again like I did for the last one as I have too much going on but can take one or two sections if others are willing to do same?
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