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Seb Dooris

Feb 5, 2013, 1:39:43 PM2/5/13
to open-learn...@googlegroups.com

We have a handful of of A4 posters but we need a hand distributing them.

A few examples of places that might let us stick one or two up
- Collages
- Schools
- Arts centers 
- Artist studios
- Laundromats
- Community halls
- local shops
- Internet cafes 
- etc etc etc...
Basically any place where we're given permission.

I you can help I'll be passing through town tomorrow evening with a stack.
To meet up can you please send me an sms including your name and how many posters you want. 


Bill Doran

Feb 5, 2013, 5:16:17 PM2/5/13
to open-learn...@googlegroups.com
I would also suggest doing it geographically by making a map of locations so that you can get an idea of coverage and reuse it again later. Additionally for knowledge putting the flyers in shops like the bespoke ones on cows lane and george's street was quite effective as people picked them up during the Saturday markets. 

Other places worth considering are:

The co-op near St Patrick's
Le Cool 
The free Metro newspapers carried mentions of Knowledge before as did the Herald.
Seomra Spraoi 
The hidden bookshop near Grafton street has a set of poster boxes and if you ask the old guy in the shop he would probably let you put up a full poster for a week as he did this for us before - specifically because we asked.

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And for anyone who dose not already have my mobile 
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