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Douglas A. Whitfield

Sep 24, 2009, 11:37:26 AM9/24/09
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I wanted to pass this along to the global list in case any of you have
suggestions for people that might be interested. They'd need to be
close enough to Madison to be able to pay their own way to get
here...or need to be awesome enough that we can get a sponsor on short
notice. :)

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From: Alnisa Allgood <allg...@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 7:37 AM
Subject: [oemke] Possible Panel Topic: Funding Open: Exploration of
Models, Ideas, and Practices for Funding Open
To: oemad <oe...@googlegroups.com>, oe...@googlegroups.com

Hi Everyone-
I wanted to throw out an idea for a possible workshop/panel topic that
could be used for 31 October 2009 Global Open Everything (if we
participate), or some future effort. Along with Open Government and
Open Content ( including art), one of the biggest conversation
generators of the Dec 7, 2008 Open Everything Conversation was 'how do
we fund open?'  The question goes from the individual, "how do I make
a living?" to the organizational, "what practices and techniques can
we learn from and adjust, so we can support our organization becoming
more open?" to the institutional, "what models, frameworks, and
research address methods for funding open?"
While it hasn't been an active project of mine, over the last few
months I've collect research from a number of different sources on
funding and/or making sustainable 'open' initiatives. I've contacted a
few of the researchers/authors to get more information, thoughts, and
possible ideas for potential panelist from the Southern
Wisconsin/Northern Illinois areas. Whether or not this could be
narrowed down enough and at least 3 preferably 4 panelist could be
found before October 10 (the date I would recommend that publicizing
and recruiting participants for the event would need to start by) is
debatable. But I thought it would be a good idea to see if people
would be interested in covering the topic for the Global Open
Everything effort.
I should add, that we could always do it at some point in the future,
and who knows we may even decide its worth it's own series to truly
explore what ideas are out there, who's doing what, and delve into
various models/frameworks. So really the primary question is should we
put the effort into developing this event for the 31 October 2009?
Additional question is is there still interest in the topic?

Alnisa Allgood
Executive Director
Nonprofit Tech
t. 608.241.3616
e. aln...@nonprofit-tech.org

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