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Mark Laubach

Jan 28, 2022, 1:08:17 PM1/28/22
to Open Ephys

Our lab is looking to build up a new PC for running Open Ephys and also doing basic data preprocessing. So lots of RAM and fast "disks". We would prefer to use an Ubuntu Linux variant and could go with either an Intel or AMD processor. 

Are there differences in stability of the GUI between Windows and Linux? Are there complications with an AMD processor, e.g. MKL for Python?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


Josh Siegle

Jan 28, 2022, 6:23:17 PM1/28/22
to Mark Laubach, Open Ephys
Hi Mark,

One consideration is that the Neuropixels plugin currently only works on Windows. So if you’d like to record with Neuropixels down the road, Windows would be recommended (or at least a dual-boot machine). We’ve successfully compiled the Neuropixels plugin for Linux, but there are some outstanding issues with the driver provided by Enclustra, and we aren’t sure when those will be solved.

Other than that, the Linux and Windows versions of the GUI are functionally equivalent. And we don’t use any Intel-specific optimizations, so AMD processors are fine.


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Mark Laubach

Jan 28, 2022, 7:15:33 PM1/28/22
to Josh Siegle, Open Ephys
Hi Josh,

Thanks very much for this information!

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