NeuroOmega stream into OpenEphys for deep brain stimulation

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Simón Oxenford

May 3, 2022, 4:38:58 AMMay 3
to Open Ephys
Hi, I'm working on projects related to deep brain stimulation where we use the NeuroOmega device from AlphaOmega to acquire neurophysiological signals. (If interested, see a preprint of the work here or video here).

Currently, I have implemented a custom solution to stream signals from the NeuroOmega device, but I'm thinking to change this and adopt a more established platform. After doing some research, OpenEphys seems to be a good match for my needs.

I'm thinking of implementing a new plugin (DataThread Source) for streaming the data into OpenEphys, then do some processing here and communicate with other applications (for example 3D Slicer, which I use for imaging).

Just wanted to pitch my project, and perhaps get some feedback on wether it's a good idea to go for OpenEphys as a platform for my need. Also would be interesting to hear if someone from the community also works on deep brain stimulation or with the NeuroOmega.

Thanks a lot!


Josh Siegle

May 3, 2022, 10:55:32 PMMay 3
to Simón Oxenford, Open Ephys
Hi Simón,

I think this sounds like a reasonable idea. Is the NeuroOmega C++ API publicly available somewhere? That would be helpful to see to get a sense for how easy it will be to integrate into an Open Ephys plugin.

In any case, if you decide to down this route, we’d be happy to help you get started. Here’s a template for a DataThread plugin; I’d recommend using the Rhythm Plugins as a reference. That repository also includes an example of an output module that allows you to trigger stimulation from within the GUI. Note that this code is only compatible with the next release, v0.6.0. You should definitely develop against that as it will have a number of major improvements over previous versions (see here for more details).


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Simón Oxenford

May 4, 2022, 3:23:42 AMMay 4
to Open Ephys
Hi Josh, great and thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, the NeuroOmega C++ API is not publicly available. I'll probably brainstorm a bit more and get started in the following weeks.

I'll get in touch regarding follow ups.

Thanks a lot!


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