Open Ephys GUI cause blue screen of death while recording ephys data and camera recording in parralel

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Hisayuki Osanai

Dec 23, 2021, 10:59:39 PM12/23/21
to Open Ephys

I've just posted the same thing in github forum. I am recording ephys data with open ephys GUI in parallel with video recording with Windows camera app (640*480, 30Hz). However, after 30 mins to 1 hours from the recording start, Windows always crashes and cause blue screen of death. It does not happen when only GUI or only camera app is running. I changed the camera to normal USB webcam, changed camera apps (e.g. Bonsai), and reduced the recording sampling rate from 30kHz to 2kHz, but the same problem still occurs.
I am now successfully recording ephys data and video using different PCs... but it's nicer to do in a single PC. Could you let me know what I can do? I attached the files of GUI node setting and the setting file in the recording folder when the PC was crashed.

  • GUI version: v0.5.5.3.
  • PC spec:
    Windows 10 Home
    Intel i9-11900K
    Memory: 64GB
    2TB M.2 SSD (1.62TB free)

Thank you!


Hisayuki Osanai

Apr 22, 2022, 6:06:58 PMApr 22
to Open Ephys
This problem was solved with v0.6.0 GUI.
2021年12月23日木曜日 21:59:39 UTC-6 Hisayuki Osanai:
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