Sending the ooTunes Server Log(s) to the developer

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Feb 9, 2009, 1:57:18 AM2/9/09
to ooTunes Support
When something goes wrong, and it's not obvious what, often ooTunes
log files have the info needed to figure it out. Should you need to
send these to ooTunes, they can be found in 2 ways.

Directly from the server (login to your ooTunes server, go to
preferences, then the help tab, and there is a link to "download logs"
which zip's them up and downloads them. Just sent that zip file as an
attachment to an email to us!

The second way (if you can't even log in) is directly from the

On a Mac they are in /Users/YOURMACUSERNAME/Library/Logs/ooTunes.log*

On windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURWINDOWSUSERNAME\Application Data\ooTunes

or on vista


Also, if you are haveing problems with the Setup Helper application
the logs are in the same locations above but it is named
ooTunesSetup.log instead of just ooTunes.log

Hope that helps!

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