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Mar 20, 2009, 4:31:34 PM3/20/09
to ooTunes Support
If you mark a station "favorite" on the ooTunes Radio iphone app, you
can delete it by swiping your finger on the station name and then
tapping the red "delete" button.

If only it were so easy to remove stations added to the server.
Currently, there is no way to delete a station on the server from
within the iPhone app or from the web interface. It's not simply an
oversite, but I haven't implemented it yet (since it would be the only
"destructive" action that the server can do (deleting a file) I've
wanted to make sure it's not too easy to do (I mean so it could happen
accidentally) and that it is secure.

So, to delete a station from the "Radio" playlist folder from ooTunes,
you'll need to find the folder where they are saved on the hard drive,
find the station you want to remove and delete it's .pls file.

The saved streams on the server reside as .pls files:

on windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURWINDOWSUSERNAME\Application Data\ooTunes

or on vista


or on mac in:


you'll have to look inside to find the one you want (I know I know
this is NOT convenient!) I'll get it properly implemented eventually.
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