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Jeff VanDrimmelen

Apr 3, 2009, 5:03:46 PM4/3/09
to ooTunes Support
I made some changes to the Genre and added some Podcasts in my iTunes
on my computer, but when I open up the ootunes server it doesn't seem
to update.

I also have an iPhone I have been using, and tried deleting all the
data on that form the information icon on the main page... no luck.

How can I get the info on the server to match my iTunes? Oh, and I
tried the refresh.. no luck.


Apr 3, 2009, 5:43:51 PM4/3/09
to ooTunes Support
they should be refreshed immediately. In every case I've seen when
this doesn't happen it's because ooTunes is pointing to a different
iTunes library than what iTunes is using, which almost always occurs
when you have your music/videos on an external harddrive, which is
sometimes disconnected/not available. In iTunes->preferences-
>advanced make sure that "iTunes Music folder location" matches what
is set in ooTunes under preferences->"Change iTunes library and
Scanned directories"->use this iTunes library.

Let me know if those are different (iTunes just points to the folder,
ooTunes points to the actual file).

Jeff VanDrimmelen

Apr 3, 2009, 8:10:11 PM4/3/09
It was pointed to the right place (it is not the default, but I had manually put it there before.  I just put it in again in ooTunes - Preferences - Change Library and Scanned directories. 

It is updated now.  Weird.  Thanks for the tip!

Jeff VanDrimmelen BA, MA, MBA
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Steven Woolley

Apr 3, 2009, 9:01:00 PM4/3/09
Yeah, so had it reverted in ooTunes' settings?
ooTunes nerd

Jeff VanDrimmelen

Apr 3, 2009, 9:51:53 PM4/3/09
No, it is keeping the path.  I just made some more changes and it is still not taking for some reason.  Here are the two paths that are showing up.

Here is some more background that might be useful.  I have one 160BG hard drive with two partitions on it.  The operating system (XP) is installed on C, and by default all programs are installed on C as well. 

The entire user profile (C:\Documents and Settings\jeffvand\) is stored on the C partition with the exception of the My Documents Folder which is stored on the D-drive.  Here is the path to the .xml file.

D:\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml

Because it is the same drive, just another partition, it is always available. (not USB).

Any other ideas?

Thanks for your help!


Steven Woolley

Apr 4, 2009, 9:36:14 AM4/4/09
Hi Jeff,
So both iTunes and ooTunes are pointing to the one with D:\ as a
prefix? There have to be at least two versions of the iTunes Music
Library.xml and iTunes is using one with ooTunes using the other. Is
it possible to use a search, find the "last modified date" of them
all, and point ooTunes to the one that's most recently updated? It may
actually be on the C:/ drive, even though all the files are on the D:/
drive (the one on the D:/ drive being a mere backup that was made when
you copied files over from c:?))? Does that make sense?
ooTunes nerd

Jeff VanDrimmelen

Apr 9, 2009, 3:59:55 PM4/9/09
Alright Steve, I finally had a chance to play with this again today.  I did a search for the .xml and the most recent .xml and it only found one for iTunes and it was one one it was already pointing to.  (Updated just recently when I added music)

I did a couple of tests.  I created a couple of playlists and those appeared instantly on the web interface on another computer and the iphone.  Yeah! 

I then added a bunch of music (still working on getting it all into iTunes), but it still has not propagated on the player. 

I then tried to create another playlist using the new music and it worked just fine in iTunes, but it is not showing up instantly on the player now.

I have not changed the .xml location of course through all of this.

Any ideas?  Is this a PC bug?  I wish I had a mac I could run this on, but my Mac is my laptop and I bring it with me everywhere.

Let me know what you think.

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