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Alex Shkotin

Aug 8, 2020, 8:59:58 AM8/8/20
to ontolog-forum
Dear All, 

This year we have not mentioned Jon Barwise yet:-)
So let me cite his brilliant passage 
"Modern mathematics might be described as the science of abstract objects,
be they real numbers, functions, surfaces, algebraic structures or whatever.
Mathematical logic adds a new dimension to this science by

paying attention to the language used in mathematics, to the ways abstract

objects are defined, and to the laws of logic which govern us as we reason

about these objects. The logician undertakes this study with the hope of

understanding the phenomena of mathematical experience and eventually

contributing to mathematics, both in terms of important results that arise

out of the subject itself (Godel’s Second Incompleteness Theorem is the

most famous example) and in terms of applications to other branches of


from Handbook of mathematical logic, Part A - Model theory, An Introduction to First Order Logic, 1. Foreword, page 6.

The book we have now here if you wish.


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