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Jon Awbrey

Mar 30, 2023, 3:13:02 PM3/30/23
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Cf: Survey of Theme One Program • 5


Updating my Survey post on the Theme One Program
for the use of the W3 RDF Surfaces working group.

This is a Survey ( ) of blog and
wiki posts relating to the Theme One Program I worked on all through the
1980s. The aim was to develop fundamental algorithms and data structures
for integrating empirical learning with logical reasoning. I had earlier
developed separate programs for basic components of those tasks, namely,
2-level formal language learning and propositional constraint satisfaction,
the latter using an extension of C.S. Peirce's logical graphs as a syntax
for propositional logic. Thus arose the question of how well it might be
possible to get “empiricist” and “rationalist” modes of operation to cooperate.
The long-term vision is the design and implementation of an Automated Research
Tool able to double as a platform for Inquiry Driven Education.

Note. Please follow the above link for the full set of resources.
I'll post just a sample of basics below.

Wiki Hub

Theme One Program • Overview


Theme One Program • Pascal Source Code

Theme One Program • User Guide

Theme One Program • Exposition


Applications, Examples, Exercises • Jets and Sharks

Applications of a Propositional Calculator • Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Exploratory Qualitative Analysis of Sequential Observation Data


Awbrey, S.M., and Awbrey, J.L. (May 1991),
“An Architecture for Inquiry : • Building Computer Platforms for Discovery”,
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Technology and Education, Toronto, Canada.

Awbrey, J.L., and Awbrey, S.M. (August 1990),
“Exploring Research Data Interactively • Theme One : A Program of Inquiry”,
Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Conference on Applications of Artificial Intelligence and
CD-ROM in Education and Training, Society for Applied Learning Technology, Washington, DC.


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