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Welcome to the Ontolog Forum!  

This group hosts discussions of relevance to the Ontolog Community.  Ontolog is a an open, international, virtual community of practice devoted to advancing the fields of ontology, ontological engineering, and semantic technology, and advocating their adoption into mainstream applications and international standards.

In addition to this discussion group, the Ontolog Community maintains:
  • the [ontolog-invitation] group, for event invitations and announcements 
  • a wiki, at http://ontologforum.org/index.php/WikiHomePage
  • archives of virtual event materials (typically including an event wiki page, recordings and/or transcripts, and any presented materials)
Almost all Ontolog Community events take place virtually, typically including multiple channels of content and interaction. Such channels may include, for example, audio, chat, webcast presentations, or shared documents. Ontolog events typically have not only real-time participants but also an extended audience, as many members access event materials after the fact, via the archives. Discussions started around, or during, an event may also spill over into this Forum. 

- the ontolog-forum admin team