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Abelardo Pardo

Aug 7, 2018, 8:15:34 AM8/7/18
to OnTask Project Forum
Hello all.

Version B.2.8.0 is now available. Quite a few new functionalities and fixes:

### Added

- Localization and internationalization support. First language supported,
es-ES. There are still a few areas that need polishing, but the bulk of the
translation is done.

- Boolean field in the action-in to request the questions to be shuffled when
shown to the learners as some surveys suggest (Issue #48)

- Function to restrict the values in a column based on the current values.
Useful to manage future updates

- New folder containing a catalogue of surveys and its corresponding plugins
(if applicable)

- Added capacity to retain/forget key columns in the upload/merge steps
(Issue #55)

- Dashboard now available from the table views (and subviews)

- Script to create users in bulk with a CSV file.

- Functionality to send email now includes CC and BCC fields (Issue #57)

- Possibility to "unmark" a column as key when uploading in CSV (Issue #55)

- Preview screen now shows the value of those variables used when computing
the personalised message (Issue #47)

### Changed

- Changed configuration scripts to take the environment file name from the
environment variable ENV_FILENAME (if it exists).

- Additional parameters in the configuration that are taken from the ENV_FILE

- Show questions in Action In editor in the same order in which they are in the

- Configuration of Summernote now precludes the use of drag and drop (Issue #63)

- Preview screen for emails now includes the total number of emails (Issue #64)

### Fixed

- Row dashboard now takes into account the subset of data considered in a view.

- Emails are now sent asynchronously through a queue (Issue #45)

- Subject line for emails is now properly processed in the preview it if
contains variables like a template (Issue #54)

- Fixed incorrect number comparison when providing a range (Issue #49)

- Text in the personalised messages is now processed to remove newlines that
break the processing (Issue #44)

- Action out editor no longer allows drag & drop (Issue #25)

- Bug when evaluating a condition with the operand "doesn't begin with" (Issue

- Bug when receiving a large volume of tracking requests (Issue #67)
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