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Stockwell Day's forthright stand ...

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Sep 14, 2000, 1:16:22 AM9/14/00

"Gerald H.Hall" wrote:

> Stockwell Day's forthright stand
> When asked about his stand on abortion in Kaleden in the interior
> this week by Linda Anderson, Stockwell Day made the following bold
> statement:
> "I am strongly pro-life," he said, "and I would welcome any dis-
> cussion among MPs and constituents about the controversial issue;
> including the sale of fetal tissue and the right of pro-life health
> care workers to refuse to participate in abortions.
> "This is a very broad topic," he stated, "and it's something citizens
> want to talk about, and THEY ARE GOING TO BE ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT
> IT, and MPs are going to be allowed to vote freely on these issues."

They sure are, under Stock... come hell or high water, the question of whether
women in this country can get abortions will be freely discussed by a bunch of
zealot-maniacs who will be overwhelmingly male in numbers or proportion. Hell, in
Quebec as late as the early 60's a woman needed her husband's permission to get
certain operations... why not 'freely discuss' the removal of those rights, and
while we're at it the question of women's sufferage needs to be frankly and
openly examined again- mp's need the right to vote on these and other issues...
all in the name of rights will they remove peoples' rights left, right & centre,
so to 'speak'.

> Vote freely on these issues? Is Stockwell Day crazy? Voting freely
> on issued like capital punishment, abortion, and same-sex marriages
> in Canada's free democracy is being so out of touch with reality,
> according to left-wingers of all stripes, that it is sending the
> Liberal establishment and NDP into such paroxysms of fear and trep-
> idation that they are lashing out in every direction like blind
> snakes, spweing hatred on Stockwell Day.

Yes yes yes, the awful left have the temerity to wander if rights enjoyed by all
Canadians are in fact less important the the rights of social-conservative mp's
to remove these rights. It's the American way after all, respecting & touting the
fundamental rights of assholes while gleefully trampling on the rights of people
who don't want to live by assholes' rules.

> From Jean Chretian, to Svend
> Robinson, (the NDP's bright-light, lover of free speech); hatred and
> invective are being spewed out on Stockwell Day as if he was a new
> Fuhrer decending on gullible people of Canada.
> Now you know why the left-wing anti-life forces

Funny how you connect the two- so what do you call right-wing gun-nuts?

> are in such a frenzy.
> Imagine allowing people to talk freely about an issue, and worse,
> allowing MP's to have a free vote on the issue in parliament.

Well, by accident you're almost on to something here- it is frequently much worse
to have moral issues that all Canadians are already free to 'discuss' from coast
to coast enter the domain of mp's and their policy-setting discussions. I'll bet
the fiscal conservatives would agree on this one...

> How
> radical can Day get. This is carrying democracy to the extreme;

No, it's perverting democracy to remove rights some demogogues simply have no
right to interfere with.

> no
> wonder the left-wing authoritarian types are so filled with hatred
> for Stockwell.

> Svend Robinson, the great lover of democracy and the bright-light
> in the New Democratic party is one of the most vociferous in den-
> ouncing Day: "Day is a fiscal conservative (i.e., right-wing, rel-
> igious screwball in the omniscient brain of Svend Robinson); who
> opposes abortion on demand and special rights for homosexuals.

What 'special rights' do they enjoy which us hets are currently denied? Marriage?
Tax-back on partners? Sex? Which of these do you as a straight person feel is
unavailable to you?

> He
> is a greater threat than Manning, according to Svend: "Their agenda
> he is similar, but Day is MUCH MORE DANGEROUS, ... and some of the
> people around him are very scary," he warns.

Yup. I agree.

> Robinson is a great champion of free speech as long as it does
> not disagree with the NDP's agenda. All those who oppose the NDP's
> immoral agenda are right-wing, religious fanatic, people Svend
> hates with a passion.
> Incidentally, in the same issue of the Sun, September 2, the NDP is
> at 9 per cent in the latest polls after 67 years of trying to brain-
> wash the Candaian people into accepting their egalitarian agenda.
> Seems that the right-wing, religious fanatics are gaining ground in
> the Liberal's bailiwick in Ontario, and this has the whole left-wing
> menagerie of political misfits in a state of hysteria and panic.
> Maybe your should hire a "hit man" Svend.
> Jerry Hall
> September 4, 2000

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