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Frank Lenti Gets Another Six Yrs For Killing A HAMC Sgt At Arms

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Greg Carr

Jun 28, 2008, 11:47:51 PM6/28/08

Killed Hells Angels biker, jailed six years

VAUGHAN -- A man was sentenced to six years in prison Thursday in
connection with the slaying of a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle

Sixty-year-old Francesco Lenti was sentenced to six years, in addition
to 19 months already served, for the shooting death of David Buchanan.
(Buchanan was the Sgt At Arms for HAMC. Dana Carnegie a full patch HA
member was also shot. Carlo Verrelli was also shot.)

Lenti was also given concurrent sentences for aggravated assault in
the shootings of two other Angels associates at a Vaughan strip club
in 2006.

Court heard that Lenti opened fire on four bikers connected with the
Hells Angels after police told him the club had a murder contract out
on his life because he had turned down a membership offer.

(Typical HA. Hard to find ppl willing to join a club in decline that
is a terrorist/criminal org. Join us or we will kill you or rape you
or beat you senseless.)

Lenti was originally charged with murder and attempted murder but
turned himself in and pleaded guilty to manslaughter and aggravated

Lenti was given additional credit for his jail time already served
because it was spent in segregation to protect him from inmates with
Hells Angels connections.
Good luck to Mr.Lenti. He has claimed to have found the LORD or
visa-versa, and while I am skeptical anyone who kills a HA full patch
in self defense deserves some sort of encouragement. Too bad he didn't
get the colours :-)
The house between 13710 and 13734 108 Ave in Surrey across from Hindi
Movie Hut
continues to be the only household in the neighbourhood not to have a
house number let alone one visible from the st. Two vehicles parked
there one a red pickup with 2641-HA on the plate. Mobile home as well.
Just because they are HA are they exempt from muni by-laws?

Let Surrey Council know you want them to enforce the by-laws in Surrey
regardless whether the ppl breaking the by-law are Tommy and Taylor
Munro or HA gangbangers.

Mayor Dianne L. Watts 604.591.4126
Councillor Robert Bose 604.591.4624
Councillor Tom S. Gill 604.591.4634
Councillor Linda Hepner 604.591.4626
Councillor Judith E. Higginbotham 604.591.4633
Councillor J. Marvin Hunt 604.591.4635
Councillor Mary Martin 604.591.4622
Councillor H. Barbara Steele 604.591.4623
Councillor Judy A. Villeneuve 604.591.4625
has links to the email addresses of these elected officials who are
supposed to make sure the RCMP and by-law enforcement do their jobs.

One local media outlet has stated that a motorcycle gang was
responsible for the worst homicide in Surrey history. You would think
the police and authorities would use this as an excuse to crackdown on
these miscreants but instead they are letting it go in this case. This
is the only house in the area without house numbers visible from the
st as required by law.
is involved with
extortion, homicide, kidnapping, prostitution, meth and cocaine
dealing, rape, armed robbery and motorcycle theft and child
as well as phony currency and witness intimidation and obstruction of
justice. They have been known to bribe and scare law enforcement
officers and judges into doing their bidding. These ppl must be
out of the Cdn justice system. Two judges have actually done their
and declared HAMC a criminal org and the Victoria Times-Colonist is
calling for it to be banned as a terrorist org.
"The Hells Angels should be treated as a domestic terror organization.
We should encourage those who make and enforce our laws in their
efforts to eradicate them."

The White Rock chapter Sgt.Of Arms, Villy Roy Lynnerup, recently was
arrested for trying to board an airplane at YVR
with a loaded firearm. Was probably going to crash the plane into the
Downtown courthouse or hold the passengers hostage in exchange for
release of Moms Boucher and all imprisoned full patch members. All
Hell's Angels, their supporters, associates etc. should be imprisoned
for twenty years
their children put in foster care and their assets seized.
Ppl are trying to get HAMC listed as a terrorist org. If you support
then write letters to editors of local newspapers and your local MP.
As well John Les the solicitor-general of BC before he resigned has
advocated banning
the wearing of gang colours such as biker patches in bars. Perhaps
John VanDongen can finish the job he started. Since HA
known to frequent Brandi’s and the Cecil and has links to
various bars in BC that would be an improvement. The gang has a
history of intimidating
bartenders, infiltrating unions involved in the bar industry, beating
and killing strippers and beating customers to death at random for no
reason. Contact your MLA as well as the local media and tell them you
want this implemented sooner rather than later.
VPD is appealing again for info about the homicide of Maria Yvette
Monzon who was shot dead on the westside of Vancouver. She was killed
by HA but the police have never stated that. There is a reward.

Colleen Reiter (Ryder?) of Surrey was killed by HAMC but the RCMP
refuse to confirm this.

We are awaiting the return of our JHVH in the flesh or his Son. His Son Yu'shua died on the cross for our sins, was resurrected and walked the earth for awhile then ascended unto Heaven. We await the Third Coming not the Second.

Scottish Quaker Robert Barclay-"The weighty Truths of God were neglected, and, as it were, went into Desuetude. ...

Who will be the last Coalition soldier to be maimed in Iraq?

Canadian troops out of Afghanistan and into Darfur.

Good luck to anyone trying to learn Hebrew. I am looking for a Hebrew-Gregorian calendar in both Hebrew and English lettering.

I am looking for my missing automobile. Left in the care of Low's Tire (Firestone) on King George Hwy which has since gone out of business. A man who claimed to be a tow truck driver named Jerry (sounded Black) called me and said he had it
but when I called him back he denied it. JVD-968 "89 Plymouth Reliant white with red interior. Devellis in lettering on the rear trunk. Contact me by email or the GRC if you are one of those ppl. Am looking for the address of Dave Reynolds and any info about him. He used to run Low's Tires and since he refuses to answer his email I can only assume he is the person who stole my vehicle and the contents in it. I have talked to the new owners and they claim to know nothing.
3P3BK41D9KT921716 is the vin number. John Reynolds still has a valid email but refuses to return my inquiries.Any info about this thief is appreciated.

I am also looking for various books and CD's that I have discovered missing. All are marked Greg Carr on the inside cover or somewhere in the CD booklet. $5 reward for each CD and for each book. Will pay $200 for info regarding how they disappeared because I honestly don't know.

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