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"The judge hearing the case asked all court staff to wear protective
masks during the proceedings. Although judge Robert Metzger did not
explain his decision, he would not allow members of the public or the
media into the court room unless they also had masks."

(CBC Newsworld, Mon Aug 16 1999)




Well, 77 of them MAY be heading home. But don't break out that imported
champagne just yet. Immigration lawyer Peter Golden is already
screaming that immigration officials are handling the latest batch
"improperly", and that his team of 10 lawyers are "unable to function in
the migrants' best interests"."

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do we REALLY have to be lied to EVERY step of the way?

When the latest batch arrived, a special concern was reserved for the
four men who had blundered into the woods looking (so we were told) for
a highway. Now, with BC's resources already strained near breaking
point, ANOTHER full-bore search and rescue operation is underway.
Hoping to find a FIFTH, and never previously mentioned, man.

-- Our Pollyanna Complex --

If Immigration Canada thinks it's going to get straight answers about
any of the important stuff from these crooks, just consider: the
illegals could not have possibly known that the island is uninhabited.
Canadian officials certainly asked if everyone was accounted for -- but
why speak up? He was mentioned ONLY when they realized that their
confederate was NOT contentedly sneaking into one of our cities.

Oh well, these little misunderstandings are inevitable when Pollyanna
meets the Fuk Chin Gang. Unfortunately, that really IS what the major
Fukianese triad is called.




"New Democratic Party immigration critic Pat Martin terms
'embarrassing' protests against the asylum seekers last
week as 'racist, hate-mongering'"

Immigration from China skyrocketing

Juliet O'Neill
Calgary Herald, August 15, 1999

While the federal government wants to deter the kind of dangerous and
desperate smuggling of people that has brought two boatloads of Chinese
to Canada this month, official Canadian policy brims with enthusiasm for
legal immigration from China.

The number of legal immigrants, visitors, temporary workers and students
from China has skyrocketed in recent years to the point where a new,
bigger Canadian office was designed for Beijing and a second office was
opened in Shanghai. The Immigration Department's quarterly magazine
hailed the trend in its first edition with a cover story titled
''Beijing makes it happen.''

The positive nature of the policy is a sharp contrast to what New
Democratic Party immigration critic Pat Martin terms ''embarrassing''
protests against the asylum seekers last week and ''racist,
hate-mongering'' reaction faxed to his office by an extremist who warned
of an invasion of scamsters and criminals from China and decried the
boats' arrival as the worst security threat since the FLQ terrorist
crisis in 1970.

Martin says he is worried about a ''backlash of hate'' in the wake of
the boat people's arrival and wonders what happened to the kind of warm
welcome Canada gave 40,000 Vietnamese boat people in the late '70s. He
thinks Canada can open its doors wider to Chinese immigrants and
refugees, given that the government fell about 25,000 people short of
its legal immigration target last year. Immigration to Canada from all
countries in 1998 was 174,100.

He said the Immigration Department cancelled at the last minute one-year
work permits for 75 Chinese people hired by garment industry employers
in his Winnipeg constituency. He said the department cited a danger the
75 would not want to return to China when their work permits expired.

''Why is that a problem?'' Martin asked. ''The jobs are there waiting.''

Legal immigrants from China to Canada have more than doubled since 1993
to a record 19,749 last year, the highest number from any country and
the lion's share of them skilled workers. The steady pace of growth is
continuing this year, with 13, 500 immigrants from China landing in the
first six months of 1999.

The number makes China the No. 1 source of Canadian immigration,
shooting well past the former top source, Hong Kong. Applications from
China for visas to temporarily visit, work or study in Canada have shot
up into the tens of thousands annually. Most applications from business
people are approved and about half the student applications are

In trumpeting the record numbers of Chinese legally coming to Canada, a
Citizenship and Immigration Department publication tells an anecdote
about former U.S. president Richard Nixon urging then-premier Chou
En-lai in the 1970s to loosen travel restrictions so that Chinese could
reunite with their families abroad.

''When do you want the first 10 million?'' Zhou is said to have asked.

''While 10 million is a bit of a stretch, (the Canadian office in
Beijing) has been literally swamped with applications since 1995, when
Canada opened its doors to independent immigrants from China,'' said the
article published in the fall edition of the quarterly Vis A Vis.

It reports China is experiencing an emigration phase in its history and
many are choosing Canada because of this country's good reputation in
China. It quotes Susan Gregson, program manager of Canada's immigration
section in Beijing, citing pure economics as the attraction to Canada.

''Someone working for minimum wage in Canada is still making a whole lot
more than someone working for minimum wage in China.''

Martin said the 75 Chinese whose work visas were cancelled would have
had unionized jobs, though their pay would be about $8.75 or $9 hourly.

''These are not sweatshops,'' he said.

Employers are having difficulty finding Canadians to fill the jobs and
are furious the visas were cancelled.

"Martin says he is worried about a 'backlash of hate'"




One Chinese still missing
on B.C. island

Nine men suspected of smuggling migrants
into B.C. face Immigration Act charges

British Columbia Bureau
Monday, August 16, 1999

Victoria -- Rescuers were searching last night for a man left behind on
a British Columbia island where a shipload of illegal Chinese migrants
was dumped by smugglers last week.

A search on the uninhabited Kunghit Island was launched yesterday by the
navy, Parks Canada and RCMP and will continue today.

Authorities returned after interviews with some of the 131 illegal
migrants from China's Fujian province, rescued from the rugged North
Pacific island on Wednesday, revealed another migrant was missing.

"I can't speculate why they weren't forthcoming with this information
earlier," RCMP Constable Tracey Rook said. "We have serious concerns for
this individual's safety. It's an uninhabited island. There's no food.
There's no shelter. We have no idea what condition he'll be in."

Officials fear the man, believed to be in his late teens or early 20s,
would not have survived five days on the desolate island at the
southernmost tip of the Queen Charlottes.

The search was to continue today with police dogs and more RCMP
officers, Constable Rook said.

By 8 p.m. Pacific time yesterday, the search had not turned up anything.
The weather has been cold, foggy and rainy in the area, dropping to 10
degrees overnight. It is believed the missing man had no provisions.

The Canadian Coast Guard's Arrow Coast combed the western and eastern
shorelines of Kunghit Island yesterday. Air and land searches were also
under way.

Rescuers believe the man fled the Gilbert Bay beach where the rest of
the passengers were dumped in an attempt to hide from authorities.

Four other Chinese migrants were found 24 hours after the other
passengers were rescued last week. Those four men, believed to be
involved in the smuggling, hid in the forest overnight but surrendered
to a rescue team Thursday. None was hurt.

At that time, Canadian authorities involved in the search said they
believed no other migrants were left behind or had drowned.

It was originally reported the migrants were forced to swim ashore by
their smugglers but investigators said later they were dumped into
shallow water when their vessel pulled into a cove on Kunghit Island.

The migrants were rescued after a two-day chase of the smugglers ended
with the human cargo being dumped and the crew unsuccessfully attempting
to escape to international waters.

The Korean vessel was seized by RCMP and its nine crew, all believed to
be South Korean, are to appear in court today in Victoria on charges of
causing a person to disembark at sea. They could face penalties of up to
10 years in jail and $500,000 fines if convicted.

The arrival of the second shipload of smuggled migrants in three weeks
has sparked a backlash.

Victoria's local newspaper ran a front-page headline yesterday, "Go
home," and a reader poll showing more than 3,000 people, or 97 per cent
of respondents, want the government to deport the migrants immediately.

A source close to investigations into both ships said the Chinese
passengers were told by their smugglers they would make lots of money in
North America.

"They were told that life would be a lot easier for them here, and there
would be jobs," he said of the latest arrivals. "They seem to be happy.
They don't know what they're getting into."

He said some of the migrants on the second ship have said they paid
$30,000 for their passage. He said some of those on the first ship said
they were promised jobs that would pay $1,800 (U.S.) a month. None would
say where they were destined. The average pay for farmers and factory
workers in their native Fujian province is about $6 (Canadian) a day, he

Police have now confirmed a third ship of 100 more Chinese was also
destined for British Columbia.

The Japanese navy first spotted the cargo ship earlier this month. The
ship, which was expected to arrive in Canada within weeks, was diverted
by the U.S. Coast Guard over the weekend to the Mariana Islands, a U.S.
territory near Guam.

Organized criminals in China are targeting B.C. as a human-smuggling
haven, she said.

The navy is increasing surveillance of sea routes from China to B.C.,
Lt.-Cmdr. Gerry Pash said.

(Globe and Mail, Monday, August 16, 1999)





Caplan to take time dealing tide of illegal migrants

Southam Newspapers

OTTAWA - Despite public demands that Canada immediately crack down on
illegal migrants entering the country, Immigration Minister Elinor
Caplan says there will be no quick-fix approach.

"The last time we renewed immigration legislation was in 1976. I'd like
to get it right and to ensure that we have enough time for people to
have their say."

Appointed minister only a couple of weeks ago, Caplan said Monday she
wanted time to review the January white paper on immigration and to be
adequately briefed.

"There's no time frame," she said. "I think it's important that as a new
minister that I be given time to review the legislative process and
proposals. However, both the citizenship and immigration legislation
renewal is a priority for the government so I don't want to send out any
message that it is not on the front burner. It is."

Caplan said she did not find anything surprising in media reports that
Chinese officials had told high-level Canadian officials that Canada's
refugee policies were helping to fuel illegal migration from that

"These are the sorts of things that are ongoing between diplomats. It's
going to require international action and international co-operation.
Canadian officials have been talking to officials from countries around
the world."

She said the recent arrival of Chinese migrants should be kept in

"We anticipate and expect that about 25,000 people will present
themselves at our borders this year, whether they come by boat, by
plane, by train, by bus, by car or on foot, and ask for protection as a

"These last two boats represent some 300 people out of the 25,000 we
know and expect to present themselves."

Caplan said about half of those who applied last year were granted
refugee status and that another 6,000 with invalid papers were deterred
before arriving here.

However, Jim Fisher, the national Criminal Intelligence Service's
co-ordinator for Asian organized crime, says tougher laws are needed to
help combat the human smugglers.

"Looking at what motivates the criminals, I think we need to consider

He noted Canada has proposed some moves, including tougher penalties for
smugglers and the increased ability to seize assets of criminals.

Asian organized crime is well-informed about legal and police practices
in Canada, and therefore know what to expect when they smuggle illegals,
he said. "They're making their money where the traffic allows."

Canada's lengthy coastline, large Chinese population, accessible
social-support system and relatively high rate of refugee acceptance
make the country a target for ships, he added. "Even if your goal is to
settle in New York, all of those factors can make it more attractive to
land in Canada.

"From an investigator's point of view, we've got to co-operate more with
our overseas partners to try and find an answer to some of these
groups," said Fisher.

"These guys are not one-trick ponies. If you're smuggling aliens this
time, next time it'll be something else. That's one of the hallmarks of
Asian crime."

Another key problem is the fact that the criminals who control the
criminal organizations are overseas. "The people that we really need to
be dealing with are the kingpins that are setting these syndicates up,
and a great deal of those aren't even in Canadian territory."

Caplan said the government is looking at increased penalties for
smuggling, at changing the detention laws and improvements in

However, she insisted Canada is still among the world leaders in
fighting illegal migration.

"I think the fact that we knew this boat was out there, that we had
excellent surveillance, excellent intelligence, the fact that we were
able to apprehend the boat and arrested the crew and charged them, says
that the work we've been doing internationally is bearing fruit."



"from the behaviour that they have exhibited ... they've been assessed
as a safety and security risk."

Vancouver Sun
Monday 16 August 1999

"Over the weekend, the RCMP and immigration officials also continued the
difficult task of separating the victims from the victimizers.

The nine Korean crew members who tried to escape Canadian waters have
been in police custody since Wednesday -- and will appear in court this
afternoon to face charges of human smuggling that carry a maximum
penalty of 10 years in jail and a $500,000 fine.

But police now suspect the Koreans weren't the only ones involved in
organizing the trip.

RCMP Constable Tracey Rook said police, through interviews and other
means, have identified 18 men and four women among the migrants they
suspect are either organizers or enforcers of the smuggling operation.
All but one of those suspects have been segregated within the makeshift
immigration detention facility at a gymnasium on the naval base in

The remaining adult male has been sent to a detention facility at the
Western Communities RCMP detachment just outside Victoria because he
poses a safety risk, Rook said.

Three more migrants, not believed to be in the group of organizers and
enforcers, have also been sent to the detention facility.

Rook refused to elaborate on why the four were removed from the group
except to say "from the behaviour that they have exhibited ... they've
been assessed as a safety and security risk."

Immigration department regional director Jim Redmond said Saturday the
enforcers "are along to make sure that the best interests of the
organizers are taken care of .... They are a controlling force, they're
a disciplinary force, and they collect the money and make the
connections with the organized group, whether it be in Canada or China."

Redmond said some of the migrants are tattooed -- an identifying mark of
an enforcer. ...

.. this ship carried a more diverse mix:

13 juvenile females, 36 juvenile males, 36 adult females and 41 adult
males. The youngest is eight years old.

.. While the cost to taxpayers of the latest ship that arrived on
B.C.'s shores has not yet been determined, Rook said at least 100 RCMP
officers have been involved in the operation so far. That includes 38
members from the RCMP's immigration and passport section, 50 officers
working in revolving 12-hour shifts providing site security to the
Esquimalt detention facility, the crew of the RCMP boats used to
intercept the migrant ship and five heavily armed emergency response
teams, one of which boarded the migrant ship after it returned to
Canadian waters."


National Post
Monday, August 16, 1999

China warned Canada about alien smuggling

Leaked document: Beijing blamed
'weakness' of Ottawa's refugee screening

Diane Francis
National Post

Chinese officials warned Canada in June that smuggling of illegal aliens
to Canada would increase because of our refugee policies, according to
an internal Immigration Department report leaked to the National Post.

''The weakness and arbitrariness of refugee determination systems in
foreign countries was a reason cited throughout this visit by officials
from every department [in China] as being a major pull factor for
illegal migration,'' the report warned.

''The message was clear in several meetings: You expect us to try to
hold the lid on the boiling pot of illegal migrants, while your refugee,
welfare and legal systems continue to put more kindling on the fire.''

Several high-level meetings were held between three Canadian diplomats
and officials in China's Fujian province, where most of the smuggling
takes place. Its population is roughly the size of Canada's -- 33
million -- and there are 3,300 kilometres of shoreline.

''Li [Qing Zhou, the Fujian vice-governor], assured us that the
Fujianese are trying very hard to contain illegal migration, and have
halted 10,000 would-be illegal migrants since 1989 and caught 300
persons involved in organizing smuggling in 1998 alone,'' the report

The migrants are said to be mostly uneducated people from rural areas
who are told they can get rich in America. They are not refugees as
defined by the United Nations, the vice-governor said.

''Li stated forthrightly that persons from the above mentioned
communities [in Fujian province] who claimed refugee status based on
political reasons were not being truthful. He stated that persons with
their level of education would not be comfortable with, nor would they
likely be involved in, the political process in Fujian. He stated that
any number of reasons may be given to the smugglees by their snakeheads
[Chinese gang smugglers], but the reasons [and stories] were paper-thin.

''Li stated that regardless of the reason cited, the vast majority of
persons are leaving Fujian in search of economic benefit. Regardless of
the fact that the economy in Fujian is developing rapidly, it is still
possible to make multiples of one's current wages in China by doing
unskilled labour jobs [abroad].

Li stated that smugglers were very conversant with the
refugee-determination systems of many countries, and assure their
clients that they may often work legally even before their refugee
determination is complete. They also understand that even should their
refugee application fail, there is still a strong possibility that they
may eventually become residents of the host nation and eventually bring
the entire family legally and almost free abroad. It is common knowledge
that smugglers are guaranteeing success and are sending persons a number
of times and through different routings if they are caught initially. Li
stated that he had heard of persons being caught up to seven times in
attempts to exit China illegally.

Li and others who met with the Canadian contingent said they were under
pressure from Beijing to stem the flow of illegals and, as a result,
they were upset with the Canadian policies and upset with the
exploitation of innocent Chinese who do not realize that they will not
improve their lives this way.

''Ominously, the PSB [Public Security Bureau] stated that unless efforts
were made to organize a plan to reduce Canada's attractiveness to
Fujianese, we may see a rapid increase in the movement of Fujianese
destined to Canada. In support of this statement, the Fujianese cited
the American example of Guam: In 1998, about 100 persons went by boat to
Guam and were not sent back, and the estimate to date in 1999 is that
700 persons have taken this routing,'' the report reads.

When told that a steady rise was experienced in Canada over the past few
years, the PSB responded that this is likely because of the liberal
image of Canada's refugee-determination system.

Chinese officials told the Canadians that the majority of the 2,000

Chinese refugees who arrived last year alone in Canada were from Fujian
province, mostly from a county called Changle.

''It was acknowledged that wanted criminals may seek to illegally depart
China to evade prosecution,'' concluded the report.

''[Canadian consul-general in Guangjong, Paul] Lau, raised the concern
that together with smuggling comes an increase in crime,'' the report

''It was noted that this rise is likely tied to smuggling and the very
real possibility that people are driven into crime by the snakeheads or
out of desperation in an attempt to pay back their crushing debt to
their alien smuggler was discussed. The PSB noted that smugglers were
often, if not always, members of criminal organizations and were making
massive profits. These profits are not generally limited to the original
price for the smuggling itself. As an example, if the venture is priced
at $40,000 (US), often only a small fraction ($1,000 to $2,000) was paid
in advance. The rest of the money would be 'loaned' to the smugglees by
the snakeheads and would bear onerous interest rates in the
neighbourhood of 30%. The smugglee would then be forced to come up with
the balance by a form of indentured servitude to the smugglers, and work
off their debt in extremely low paying jobs with harsh conditions. The
most common are likely in restaurants or manual labour for men,
piecework garment manufacture or prostitution for women. Crime may well
be resorted to out of fear of falling behind in payments as, according
to one PSB officer, the snakeheads can reach the families in Fujian
'whenever they want.' ''


National Post
Monday, August 16, 1999

Illegals used as cheap labour
Thousands of migrants en route to New
York settle in Toronto's Chinatown

Adrienne Tanner
National Post

TORONTO - While many fortune-seekers from China's Fujian province use
Canada as a pipeline to New York, thousands have settled in Toronto,
where they live and work in the bustle of downtown Chinatown.

Toronto's Fukinese community numbers between 4,000 and 8,000, Peter
Yeun, a detective with the Toronto Police Service's Asian Crime Unit,

Few are criminals by trade, but most do enter Canada illegally, paying
smugglers for perilous boat journeys or fraudulent documents that allow
them to come by plane.

"If 50% of them tell us their real names, we're ahead of the game. We
don't know who they are, there's no database or fingerprints or anything
like that," Det. Yeun says.

New arrivals find jobs in grocery stores and restaurants in
working-class areas near Spadina Avenue and Gerrard Street East, where
they work for low wages to send money to their families in China.

"They take jobs that you and I would not take," Joanne Lau, a Metro
Toronto South East Asian Legal Clinic lawyer, says.

Many recent arrivals are refugee claimants and are permitted to work
until their hearing. Some have no legal status in Canada at all. Police
seldom bother to check.

"Even if we go there and arrest them for working without permits, the
bottom line is they're going to come back out again and claim refugee
status," Det. Yeun says.

Patrolling Chinatown, Det. Yeun has come to know the Fukinese migrants
and the thriving smuggling racket pedaling the North American dream.

"They have to pay $38,000 to $48,000 to get smuggled into Canada."
Usually half is paid up front in China, the other half upon arrival. The
smugglers, or snakeheads, are supplied with the contact numbers before
they leave China and call demanding payment once their human cargo is
delivered, Det. Yeun says.

All new arrivals, even those who sneak into Canada undetected, are
advised to make refugee claims that entitle them to medical care and
social assistance.

Most of the time, smugglers are promptly paid and the migrants are set
free to eke out a living in Canada or try their luck in the United
States. "They are hard- working citizens who hold down jobs," Det. Yeun

But in 10% to 15% of the cases, the Canadian contact fails to show up
with the money, leaving the migrant under the control of a
highly-organized gang of snakehead debt collectors.

Women are sent to work in sleazy massage parlours in Toronto or New
York. The men live 10 to a room in flophouses and work in the
supermarkets, where they earn between $200 and $300 per month, Det. Yeun

Snakeheads siphon the bulk of their wages, leaving the indentured
labourers with less than $10 a day spending money.

"They get up at 6 a.m. to go to work, and at 6 p.m., they're all lined
up in the back alleys squatting with a bowl of rice. Those are your
Fukinese illegals who weren't able to come up with the money to pay
these snakeheads." Fear keeps them silent and police get few complaints.

A rare glimpse into the closed, violent world will be offered in
September, when court proceedings begin against five snakeheads charged
with extortion, assault, uttering death threats and attempting to
obstruct justice. Warrants have been issued for two more gang members
who escaped after the February, 1998, incident.

The case revolves around a family man who didn't pay their smuggling
debt and was caught by angry gang members while eating lunch in a
downtown restaurant. As the family was beaten in front of terrified
passersby on the corner of Spadina and Dundas, one gang member sent a
thug to threaten their ageing father in Fujian.

Det. Yeun wishes more victims would come forward, but fear of reprisals,
both in Canada and back in China, make it unlikely.

The flow of refugee claimants from China isn't new, Ms. Lau says.

"Recently it has gotten a lot of publicity because the methods are
getting so outrageous."

Two boatloads of migrants from China's Fujian province have landed in
Canada this summer and up to two more boats are rumoured to be on the
way. Most refugee claimants have arrived by plane.

Canada suspended deportations of Chinese refugee claimants after the
1989 Tiananmen Square massacre and allowed many to stay permanently
under a special immigration program, which has ended. Today failed
refugee claimants from China are reported once they have exhausted all
their avenues of appeal.



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The civilian oversight committee reviewing CSIS (the Canadian Security
and Intelligence Service) appointed by Parliament known as SIRC
(Security and Intelligence Review Committee) published a report
regarding its investigation of the so-called "Heritage Front Affair"
which involved the attempted infiltration of the Reform Party by the
white supremacist neo-nazi Heritage Front Party. The investigation
involved all the usual suspects from the extreme right neo nazi white
supremacist movement.

The investigation revealed that these groups planned to not only hijack
the Reform Party but also planned to use immigration issues to mask
their true cause and give a veneer of respectability to their activities
while they tried recruiting new little goose-steppers as pointed out in
the following excerpt:

"Overfield's plan he confided to extreme right wing colleague Paul
Fromm, was to unify all the right wing people into one cohesive
organization. He was pushing to infiltrate, literally take control of,
ten or twelve Riding Associations in Metro (Toronto). Even if they did
not win the Riding Associations in an election, at least they would have
control. The attraction of Reform for Overfield and like-minded persons,
he said was that it was strictly white bread, 100 percent white
Canadians, really anti-immigration; there was really no difference
between those people and them (Overfield's group).

Droege too was to later say to the Review Committee that "their
(Heritage Front) involvement, however, was not questioned by the Reform
Party; the HF was 'not an issue', even though we were one of the main

Through the Source, CSIS corroborated the existence of Overfield's plan
that the White Supremacist movement should take control of at least
twelve local riding associations. The purpose of this action was to form
a voting block of "targets of influence" within the Reform Party's
political apparatus. Once successful, the block would push senior Party
executives to adopt policies favourable to the White Supremacist
movement. An example of such a policy would be a call for reductions in
non-white immigrants into Canada and tough restrictions on refugees."

Before you jump on the Marc Lemire bandwagon check out the driver and
the direction.

Randy Wittchen


Aug 18, 1999, 3:00:00 AM8/18/99
Randy, we thank you for the exposure of the naked truth on this Mark Lemire character. This character along with other worms have infiltrated this site which has nothing but a single purpose to educate and
assist those who are in need for the info on Canadian immigration. This kind of exposure has long been due indeed. We all appreciate it.

Randy Wittchen

Aug 18, 1999, 3:00:00 AM8/18/99
Marc Lemire wrote:
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Marc Lemire and Paul Fromm are joined at the hip along with other
neo-nazis and white supremacists. Here is some background.


This following is excerpted from the Shallit Report which can be found

by Jeffrey Shallit

How the Words of the Holocaust Deniers and Their Allies
Show Them For What They Are


The Kitchener-Waterloo Record recently carried a letter to the editor
by Paul Fromm, director of "Canadian Association for Free Expression,
Inc.". This letter defended neo-Nazi publisher Ernst Zundel, saying,
"Zundel was dragged through the courts for nine years ... MERELY for
his UNPOPULAR views." [emphasis mine]


6. Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm claims to be the director of a group called "Canadian
Association of Free Expression". While the name sounds innocuous, the
truth is darker.

According to investigative journalist Russ Bellant, Fromm helped found
the Canadian neo-Nazi organization Western Guard. In a 1983 interview
with a Toronto Star reporter, Fromm was caught dissembling. He said he
"never had any connection" with the Western Guard, but the Star account
revealed that Fromm himself had had a letter published in the Star in
February 1973 that stated "... in May, 1972, many members, myself
included, left the Western Guard...". Asked to explain the discrepancy,
Fromm said in a Star interview that it was "a matter of semantics".

In Julian Sher's 1983 account of the Ku Klux Klan, Fromm is reported as
saying that belief of a supreme race "is a good idea." Remarks like
this caused him to be kicked out of the federal Progressive
Conservative Party.

In September 1991, the Star reported that Fromm was ejected from a
Toronto meeting on race relations after he blurted out, "Scalp them,"
while a native Canadian was speaking.

In April 1992, the Star reported on Fromm's 1990 speech before the
Heritage Front, a neo-Nazi organization advocating white supremacy.
According to the Star, Fromm told the neo-Nazi group, "We're all on the
same side." Fromm later claimed in a Star article that he hadn't known
about the Heritage Front's neo-Nazi views. But Bernie Farber of the
Canadian Jewish Congress disputes this. "He had to know," Farber
said. "There was a Nazi flag with swastikas, about 10 feet long and 5
feet tall, just to his right. Furthermore, just a few months after the
Star article came out, Fromm spoke again before the same group."

7. Conclusions

Although the holocaust "revisionists" and their defenders claim to be
in pursuit of the truth, the record says otherwise.
Although some claim to be advocates of free speech, their real goal
is a regime that would deny free speech, and more, to Jews and other

It is easy to dismiss Rothe, Irving, Leuchter, Mullins, and Fromm as
kooks. But according to statistics compiled by the League for Human
Rights of B'nai Brith, anti-Semitism in Canada is at its highest level
in a decade. There were 251 reported incidents of harassment and
against Jews in Canada in 1991, up 42% from two years earlier.

The reader may feel that anti-Semitism is only a distant threat. But
consider this: many of the sources I sought in preparing this article
are listed as ``missing'' in our University library. Some articles had
been ripped out of magazines. Others books, though still on the
shelves, I found to contain anti-Semitic or pro-Nazi graffiti.

To repeat a saying attributed to Edmund Burke, "The only thing
necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."


About the author.

Jeffrey Shallit, who is not Jewish, is associate professor in the
computer science department at the University of Waterloo.

A rally was organized against Paul Fromm by persons concerned about his
neo-nazi activities and the effect that it was having on students he was
teaching. An excerpt from the pamphlet from rally organizers follows.


# Nazi Supporter #

* In 1981, Fromm became treasurer of the Metro Progressive Conservative
Party. He was fired after he said in a newspaper interview that
in a supreme race "is a good idea" and that Indochinese refugees
be sent to desert islands because "their influx into Canada will upset
the racial balance."

* On December 8, 1990, Fromm spoke at a Heritage Front rally alongside
some of Canada's most extreme racist organizations: the fascist
paramilitary Church of the Creator, the Women's Aryan Union, and the
Canadian Alliance. Fromm denied having gone to the rally until a
tape surfaced showing him speaking with a number of Nazi and white
powerflags behind him. When speaking to the group, he stated, "We're
all on the same side," and was greeted by the Nazi salute.

* Fromm spoke again at a public Heritage Front meeting on September 5,
1991. He also spoke at a celebration of Hitler's birthday in April,
1992 at a meeting of the far-right Northern Foundation in Ottawa with
homophobic and anti-choice leader Ken Campbell.

* On September 24, 1991, Fromm was ejected from a meeting of Toronto's
Mayor's Committee on Race Relations for yelling "Scalp 'em!" while
Rodney Bobiwash of the Native Canadian Centre was speaking.

* On November 7, 1992, Fromm went to Victoria, B.C. to speak on behalf
Holocaust-denier David Irving, who was deported from Canada on Nov.

# Longtime Racist Organizer #

* While still a student at the University of Toronto, Paul Fromm
co-founded the "anti-communist" Edmund Burke Society with notorious
racist Don Andrews. Within five years, this group became the
explicitly neo-Nazi Western Guard.

* As director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc.,
supports well-known racists like Ernst Zundel whose hate literature
denies that the Holocaust in Nazi Germany happened and supports
hate-mongers like Philippe Rushton, James Keegsta, and Malcolm Ross.

* Fromm's other front group, Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform Inc.
(C-FAR),advocates racist restrictions on immigration and foreign aid.
Founded in 1979, their newsletter publishes racist doctrines like,
"We're living in a minority-occupied country", and "documents" crimes
committed by immigrants to Canada. In a 1989 C-FAR letter, Fromm laid
out a plan for the organization, emphasizing building strength by
"recruiting young people... to develop the leaders of tomorrow!"

# High School Teacher #

Paul Fromm works as an English teacher at Applewood Heights Secondary
School in the Peel Region. Fromm's presence in the school creates an
atmosphere of intimidation and fear and fuels racial tensions in the


The Peel Board of Education refused to take action on Fromm even after
viewing a video of his speech at the Heritage Front rally and
listening to testimony by both the Canadian Jewish Congress and
Klanbusters on his racist activities. The Peel Board has issued two
reprimands with a warning that Fromm's participation in further
activities could result in his dismissal. Fromm ignored this and
spoke in Victoria on a platform with David Irving last November.

Upset at the lack of action, groups including the Native Canadian
Centre, the Ontario Native Women's Association, the 519 Church Street
Community Centre, Anti-Racist Action, Klanbusters, the Canadian Jewish
Congress, Citizens Against Racism and the Urban Alliance on Race
Relations held a press conference October 21, 1992, at which they
demanded a review of Fromm's right to teach by the Ontario Ministry of

The Peel Board also requested this review, and in November of 1992,
Education Minister Tony Silipo appointed an indepenent advisor to
investigate Fromm's effect on the school community. The Cowan report
was released on March 17, 1993.

The Cowan Report states that Fromm's racist activities violated
sections of the Education Act and breached the Peel Board of
Education's Multicultural and Race Relations Policy as well as the
Regulations of the Ontario Teacher's Federation.
|The report states that:
|"...Mr. Fromm is not committed to the policies respecting
|ethnocultural equity, multiculturalism and anti-racism that are
|fundamental to the educational system in this province."
|"In reviewing the activities of Mr. Fromm in this context, I believe
|Mr. Fromm did not fulfill his duties as a teacher to set a positive
|example consistent with the core values expressed by or implicit in
|s.264 (1) (c) of the Education Act."
|"As a result of my investigation, I have concluded that Mr. Fromm's
|presence as a teacher has an adverse effect on the school community."

Paul Fromm continued his racist activities in spite of the warning from
the school board as set out in a press release from B'Nai Brith which is
excerpted below. See:

Fromm has participated in the following activities, a list which is
far from exhaustive:

November 19, 1994, Fromm spoke at a memorial symposium for Revilio P.
Oliver. Also speaking at the event was former Ku Klux Klan Wizard
David Duke and various Holocaust-deniers. The event was filmed by
National Vanguard\National Alliance, the most "prominent Hitlerian
organisation in America today." The National Alliance is led by
William Pierce, author of the Turner Diaries, after which the Oklahoma
City bombing was modelled.

March 22, 1996, Fromm organised a "hate conference" at the Surrey Inn
in Surrey, B.C. The main speakers included: Steve Dumas of the
Heritage Front; Doug Collins, a columnist for the North Shore News,
who is well known for his racists views; and Eileen Pressler, of the
extreme right-wing Council on Public Affairs, known primarily for
sponsoring David Irving tours and promoting Holocaust denial. After
the Attorney General of B.C. spoke out against the conference, the
Surrey Inn cancelled the booking. The event was then held in an
undisclosed location in Vancouver.

April 1996, Fromm spoke at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver
at a conference organized by racist and neo-Nazi sympathisers. There
is evidence that Fromm travelled to the conference on school time and
that he distributed flyers promoting Malcom Ross's Holocaust-denial
books and pamphlets.

September 1996, Fromm faxed a letter to Werner Sim, manager of the
Coast Terrace Inn protesting the hotel's cancellation of a conference
deemed "racist" by the Alberta Human Rights Committee. The conference
was organized by Ron Gostick's League of Rights and the Third Option
Committee -- organizations long-known to support racist and
anti-Semitic positions. The speakers at the conference were to
include: former school teacher and holocaust-denier Jim Keegstra; and
Doug Christie, lawyer to Malcom Ross, Keegstra and Ernst Zundel.

At last nights forum, Marvin Kurz, a Brampton lawyer and Chair of the
Legal Committee of the League for Human Rights, took the position that
Fromm's activities are in line with those of Malcom Ross who was fired
from his position as a teacher in New Brunswick. Mr. Ross's case,
which was first brought forth to the NB Human Rights Board, was
appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada which ruled that the Ross's
racist views and activities outside the classroom created a "poisoned
environment." Kurz stated: "The decision in the Ross case could
equally be applied to Fromm. Adult students have just as equal right
to be educated in an poison free-environment"

He was ultimately fired from his position as teacher in 1997. The
action was taken after the Supreme Court of Canada decision which upheld
the firing of teacher Malcolm Ross in New Brunswick for promoting
racist, neo-nazi views.

The following is an excerpt from press release B'nai Brith Canada, a
Jewish advocacy organization which may be found at:

To: "Press Release Recipients" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 17:40:51 EDT


(January 15, 1997) Toronto...The League for Human Rights of B'nai
Brith Canada has learned that Paul Fromm, a teacher with the Peel
Board of Education, will have his contract terminated for having
continued to participate in the activities of organizations that
maintain ideologies that are white supremacist and anti-Semitic and
for travelling on Board time to do so. The League provided the Board
with concrete evidence, including a video and printed material, that
Fromm had not ceased his activities in this regard, in spite of the
1993 Cowan Report and a warning from the Board. There was also
evidence that Fromm had, in fact, misused the Board's time, which in
itself would be grounds for dismissal.

"It is ironic that with all his protestations that he is not linked
with neo-Nazi and racist groups, Fromm's dismissal was made public
today on the Zundelsite, the web page of Holocaust denier Ernst
Zundel." said Rochelle Wilner, National Chair of the League for Human
Rights of B'nai Brith Canada.

"The Supreme Court decision on Malcolm Ross has sent the message loud
and clear that the multi-ethnic and multi-racial populations of
students and teachers in our schools need not tolerate the poisoned
environment created by a teacher, like Ross or Fromm, who does not
believe that most of them should even be in Canada," said Dr. Karen
Mock, National Director of the League. "We commend the Board for
taking this strong stand. If Paul Fromm wishes to continue his racist
"free speech" campaign, let him not do it on the public payroll," she

The League for Human Rights, an agency of B'nai Brith Canada, is a
national volunteer association dedicated to combatting anti-Semitism,
racism and bigotry, to building inter-community relations and to
protecting human rights for all Canadians.


For more information please contact:
Dr. Karen Mock, National Director or David Cooper, Research and
Communications at (416) 633-6224 or by email:

Paul Fromm's latest venture is CFIRC, the Canada First Immigration
Reform Committee which is carrying his message begun in 1979 with C-FAR,
Canadaians for Foreign Aid Reform and pushes for racist restrictions on
immigration and refugee legislation. He is working with another neo
nazi, Marc Lemire on this venture as indicated by the registration
information for the website taken from the InterNIC Registration
Services database.

152 Carlton Street
Suite 545
Toronto, ON M5A 2K1


Administrative Contact:
Lemire, Marc (ML2856) aq...@TORFREE.NET
1 416 465-6825
Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
803.842.9572 (FAX) 803.842.9575
Billing Contact:
Lemire, Marc (ML2856) aq...@TORFREE.NET
1 416 465-6825

Record last updated on 19-Feb-98.
Record created on 19-Feb-98.
Database last updated on 18-Oct-98 04:12:37 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:


There has been an attempt with CFIRC to try to "mainstream" the racism
and white supremacist message by focusing on immigration and refugee
issues and hiding the real agenda from the public. Recently a
Parliamentary committee noted this plan in a report on CSIS.

The civilian oversight committee reviewing CSIS (the Canadian Security
and Intelligence Service) appointed by Parliament known as SIRC
(Security and Intelligence Review Committee) published a report
regarding its investigation of the so-called "Heritage Front Affair"
which involved the attempted infiltration of the Reform Party by the

white supremacist neo-nazi Heritage Front Party amongst other extreme
right wingnuts. The investigation involved all the usual suspects from

Paul Fromm has associated with the Heritage Front which has espoused
violence and been financed in the past by Libya's Qadaffi. A number of
its members and founders have been jailed including Wolfgang Droege for
weapons and drug offences he served time in the United States for his
part in an attempted coup of the government of Dominca. See the report
by SIRC as part of its investigation of the attempted infiltration of
the Reform Party by the Heritage Front and other racist neo-nazi groups

Also see

Before anyone jumps blindly on the Paul Fromm/CFIR bandwagon, you should
carefully consider the driver and the direction.

Randy Wittchen


Aug 19, 1999, 3:00:00 AM8/19/99
On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 10:44:55 -0700, Randy Wittchen <> wrote:
>Marc Lemire wrote:
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>Marc Lemire and Paul Fromm are joined at the hip along with other
>neo-nazis and white supremacists. Here is some background.

Being an inquisitive science type, I am going to do an experiment here.
Maybe Randy is an automatic process on this thread.

Good day!

Randy Wittchen

Aug 20, 1999, 3:00:00 AM8/20/99
root wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 10:44:55 -0700, Randy Wittchen <> wrote:
> >Marc Lemire wrote:
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> >
> >Hi
> >
> >Marc Lemire and Paul Fromm are joined at the hip along with other
> >neo-nazis and white supremacists. Here is some background.
> >
> Being an inquisitive science type, I am going to do an experiment here.
> Maybe Randy is an automatic process on this thread.
> Good day!

Hi "Root"

And your inquisitive science nature would lead to be so wrong. If you
want to check out my posting history you can do so by accessing my
author history through the search page at .

I answer many questions posed by people on news:misc.immigration canada
based on my prior experience as an immigration officer and lawyer
specializing in immigration matters. I also post on other newsgroups on
political matters. There is clearly a place for debate on refugee
determination but it is being co-opted by Neo-Nazi hate mongers and I
simply make sure that people are aware of their real agenda. If you
check out my recent posts on news:bc.politics and news:can.politics you
will see that I have attempted to correct some of the popular
misconceptions and myths which surround the refugee determination

Randy Wittchen

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