Is Sort by "A" but keep order by "B" options available? (Nested sort)

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Feb 1, 2023, 7:51:54 AM2/1/23
to OneCommander
If i want to sort files by Type, but still keep it order by Date Modified, does it possible?
Simple explain is: Nested sort
If not available now, can you tick it as feature request?
Thank you!


Feb 1, 2023, 7:53:10 AM2/1/23
to OneCommander
You can call this feature is trick to use Group By feature XD


Jun 1, 2023, 10:20:12 AM6/1/23
to OneCommander
BUMPing this for  Milos to see, this feature is essential for me, as i have to skim through many pdf contracts quickly on a daily basis for my job and be able to interact with them within the file explorer. The preview/peek feature simply is too clunky and laggy, and it does not let me go from one document to another seamlessly without closing the preview window and opening another. I need to be able to just use the arrow keys to cycle through the list as shown in the example below.

I have to use files ( to fulfill this need per now, but i would happily pay double the PRO feature price if this was available with One Commander, as i find One Commander to be superior in every other field than this. Files implements it beautifully, and it lets you sort by file type etc. as well as "sort by" different criteria within the grouping (see images)

Its open source also, so i hope it would be possible to use the github repo for inspiration or something 😁

files 1.png

This is the settings menu, for the grouping/sorting. 

files 2.PNG

files 3.PNG

I hope you read this Milos and are able to implement this feature in One Commander in the future 🥰 

Big love and i love the program to death, it makes my job so much easier

Milos Paripovic

Jun 4, 2023, 9:11:21 PM6/4/23
to OneCommander
I'll have to see if the grouping will work - it didn't work well a few years ago when I tried it I believe I made a post about it back then. I'll work on this soonish. In the mantime, you can sort however you want and then use QuickFilter by typing .pdf to see just pdf files in that sort.
As of preview window, up/down keys will move to next/previous file. Left/Right are supposed to move through pages when Preview window is open, but for some reason it loses focus, so click on preview window is needed, so I'll look if that can be avoided.

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