Support for frequency-based GTFS-realtime TripUpdates feeds?

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Barbeau, Sean

Jun 25, 2018, 10:40:46 AM6/25/18

Hi all,

Has anyone tried using GTFS-realtime TripUpdates for frequency-based (exact_times=0) trips with OneBusAway?


We're interested in setting up TheTransitClock to take real-time vehicle positions from our campus shuttle system (USF Bull Runner) and generate a GTFS-rt TripUpdates feed compatible with OneBusAway so we can add it to the OneBusAway Tampa region (


Here's our data:

Assuming TheTransitClock can generate this info, we need to know if OneBusAway properly handles frequency-based real-time updates or if that needs further work.


Note that "frequency-based" here means that the vehicle isn't scheduled at an exact time - instead, riders are told that vehicles will arrive approximately every X minutes (this is defined as exact_times=0 in GTFS frequencies.txt  This means that the expectation of the next arriving vehicle changes based on every arriving vehicle - if a vehicle just arrived, a rider would expect the next one to arrive in X minutes.  Real-time information (GTFS-rt TripUpdates) reduces this window to an exact predicted arrival time.


A related question on TheTransitClock group for generating frequency-based GTFS-rt Trip Updates:!topic/thetransitclock/gFsv_akNmCs





Sean Barbeau, Ph.D.

Center for Urban Transportation Research

University of South Florida


Sheldon A. Brown

Jun 25, 2018, 1:49:04 PM6/25/18
My memory is mirky here -- but didn't we successfully test the
bullrunner with such a scenario, or was exact_times=1 in that case?

Otherwise, I know of no instances of the above -- so I eagerly await
anyone else jumping in here...

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