Trouble with SUMO and OMNET

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Ammar moin

Mar 21, 2018, 4:10:31 PM3/21/18
to OMNeT++ Users
I am new to this OMNET and SUMO. I have made some simulation on SUMO but I want to use this with OMNET. I couldnt find the tutorials for using OMNET with SUMO. 
I want to:
  • change the speed of car after one km.
  • traffic congestion if the vehicles are moving slow.
  • number of cars can be changed.
  • type of vehicle can be selected.
  • cars could be increased or decreased by density (cars/km).

I have done 
  • routing cars on desired route.
  • number of cars are static 100

<vehicle id="0" depart="0.00">
        <route edges="8892180#1 8892180#2 8892180#3 8892180#4 8892180#5 8892180#6 8892180#7 8892180#8 

<trip id="0" depart="0.00" from="154876636#3" to="23775676"/>
<trip id="1" depart="1.00" from="-23726872#2" to="441272765#2"/>
I want to do something like this
<!-- Routes --> 
<route id="route1" edges="-4240109#1 -4240109#0 -4240110#0"/>

<!-- Types of vehicles -->
<vType id="pedestrian" guiShape="pedestrian" accel="2.6" decel="3.0" sigma="0.5" length="2" minGap="2" maxSpeed="50" color="1,0,0.75"/>
<vType id="trolley" guiShape="bus/trolley" accel="3.0" decel="4.5" sigma="0.5" length="2.5" minGap="2.5" maxSpeed="25" color="0,1,1"/> 
<!-- Flows -->
<flow id="flow0" type="pedestrian" vClass="pedestrian" route="route0" begin="0.00" period="3" number="400"/>
<flow id="flow1" type="transport/trailer" vClass="transport/trailer" route="route1" begin="1.00" period="3" number="100"/>

Kindly help me. 
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