Release of MiXiM 1.0

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Karl Wessel

Jun 22, 2009, 8:28:15 AM6/22/09
Dear all,

we are happy to announce the first formal release of MiXiM 1.0.

MiXiM is the attempt to merge several OMNeT++ simulators written to
support mobile and wireless simulations.

You can download MiXiM from the sourceforge project page

or check out the "master" branch from the GIT repository:


Any documentation, like installation instructions, tutorials and the API
for MiXiM can be found at the projects wiki at

A good starting point on using MiXiM is the "How to start" tutorial in
the wiki. Or you can try the example networks inside the projects "examples"

This release contains only the parts of MiXiM which we considered tested
and stable enough for release. These are:
- a base model for a detailed wireless physical layer
- analogue model implementations for "Jakes fading", "Log normal
shadowing" as well as a simple pathloss model
- a CSMA Mac layer
- a 802.11 Mac layer
- mobility pattern modules known from the mobility framework (like
Tractor-, Turtle- and Circlemobility)

Still in development are implementations of a S- and T-Mac protocols. You
can find the parts which are still in development in the GIT
repositories "development" branch.

Also Jérôme Rousselot has written a MiXiM branch which contains a
detailed model of an UWB physical layer. It can be found here:

We will try to add the parts of the development branch and the UWB phy layer
from Jérôme to the stable release as fast as possible. Any help with that is
of course always welcome :-)

We would also appreciate any feedback (negative as well as positive) or
suggestions for improvements, feature requests...
As said, this is the first formal release and we are dependent on your
feedback to make MiXiM a framework useful for the community.

the MiXiM team.

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