Interface wlan0 not accepted by HostAutoConfigurator

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Dec 30, 2019, 5:35:29 AM12/30/19
Hi all, 

I am trying to combine Veins framework with LTE within HetVNet project ( 
Currently, HetVNet uses simuLTE with 802.11 Wlan. However, I want to use 802.11p instead of 802.11.
When I import the necessary submodules from veins CAR and SCENARIO into HetVNet's CAR submodules, I am faced with the following error :
<!> Error: No such interface 'wlan0' -- in module (inet::HostAutoConfigurator)[0].configuratorWlan (id=260), at t=0.1s, event #496

As per the omnetpp.ini,
*.car[*].configuratorLte.interfaces = "wlan"
*.car[*].configuratorWlan.interfaces = "wlan0"
*.car[*].configuratorLte.addressBase = ""
*.car[*].configuratorWlan.addressBase = ""
*.car[*].configuratorLte.mcastGroups = ""
*.car[*].configuratorWlan.mcastGroups = ""

"wlan" is the default value specified in HostAutoConfigurator.ned, hence there is no error for configuratorLte.interface="wlan"

For wlan0, this error is raised in the below code section :

while ((ifname = interfaceTokenizer.nextToken()) != nullptr) {
        InterfaceEntry *ie = ift->getInterfaceByName(ifname);
        if (!ie)
            throw cRuntimeError("No such interface '%s'", ifname);

It seems like 'getInterfaceByName(ifname)' returns null otherwise it would return the interface by its name.
Can anyone point out where I can fix this issue of wlan0? I have attached omnetpp.ini and car.ned for reference.

The funny thing is that this configuration runs without any errors if I switch back to how the framework was without veins 802.11p submodules.[0].configuratorLte: Initializing module[0].configuratorLte, stage 7
INFO (HostAutoConfigurator)[0].configuratorLte:[0].configuratorLte: host auto configuration started
INFO (HostAutoConfigurator)[0].configuratorLte:[0].configuratorLte: interface wlan gets[0].configuratorWlan: Initializing module[0].configuratorWlan, stage 7
INFO (HostAutoConfigurator)[0].configuratorWlan:[0].configuratorWlan: host auto configuration started
INFO (HostAutoConfigurator)[0].configuratorWlan:[0].configuratorWlan: interface wlan0 gets

Tool versions:
Veins 4.6
OMNET 5.1.1
INET 3.6.4
simulte 1.0.1 Master branch
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