Insert a humanVehicle in plexe.

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Nehal Baganal

Jun 5, 2020, 1:27:52 AM6/5/20
to OMNeT++ Users
I have made a intersection using sumo and now i want to implement a platoon on one edge and a human vehicle on other edge such that they intersect at intersection.
I have gone through Example-5 in plexe on how to insert a non-platoon vehicle.
I want to how to change the route of the non-platoon vehicle such that it flows on different edge.

my route file looks something like this:
    <vType id="vtypeauto" accel="2.5" decel="9.0" sigma="0.5" length="4" minGap="0" maxSpeed="1000" color="1,0,0" probability="1" speedFactor="1000"
        carFollowModel="CC" tauEngine="0.5" omegaN="0.2" xi="1" c1="0.5" lanesCount="4" ccAccel="1.5" ploegKp="0.2" ploegKd="0.7" ploegH="0.5" />

    <route id="platoon_route" edges="1i 2o"/>

    <vType id="vtypehuman" accel="2.5" decel="6.0" sigma="0.5" length="4" minGap="0" maxSpeed="27.77778" color="0,0,1"    probability="1">

   <flow id ="carflow" type="vtypehuman" beg="0" end"0" departLane ="0" from="3i" to="4o" />

please help

Michele Segata

Jun 29, 2020, 2:47:27 AM6/29/20
Dear Nehal,

you should add a new route for the human vehicles in your route file
after the route for platoons and then change the traffic manager so that
human vehicles are inserted in the different route. In [1] you should

addVehicleToQueue(0, human);


addVehicleToQueue(1, human);


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