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Emre Can Kucukoglu

Nov 10, 2019, 11:59:23 AM11/10/19
Hi all,

I have a CentOs 6.10 (x86_64) setup to install omnetpp. Currently I have no success with omnetpp version 5.5.1.

First problem was It needs gcc > 4.8, because of cflags like -sed=c++11.
Gcc 4.8 > is not supported by default, installed version of gcc is 4.4.7. And I couldn't handle package dependencies to install it manually.

And then QT5 dependency, it is also not one of the supported packages for centos6. (can use tk/tcl instead of qt5)

So, I have decided to install older versions of omnet, Which version is more suitable so I don't need to solve library/package issues.
Update: I successfully installed version 4.5. However It would be better if I could install newer versions.

Thanks for any suggestions. 


Rudolf Hornig

Nov 11, 2019, 8:14:47 AM11/11/19
to OMNeT++ Users
At best you may try OMNET5.0, later versions (i.e. 5.1 and up) used C++11 features.

I would probably try to use docker if that centos version supports it at all and run OMNET in a docker (there are ready made images that can be used inside docker):

Emre Can Kucukoglu

Nov 15, 2019, 3:34:56 AM11/15/19
Hi Rudolf,

In file included from ../../../../src/qtenv/loginspector.h:25,
                 from ../../../../src/qtenv/
../../../../src/qtenv/textviewerwidget.h:21:25: error: QElapsedTimer: No such file or directory
In file included from ../../../../src/qtenv/logbuffer.h:22,
                 from ../../../../src/qtenv/qtenv.h:27,
                 from ../../../../src/qtenv/
../../../../src/qtenv/qtutil.h:39: error: a call to a constructor cannot appear in a constant-expression
../../../../src/qtenv/qtutil.h:39: error: ISO C++ forbids initialization of member 'color'

If this is related, installed qt related packages are:

qt.x86_64               1:4.6.2-28.el6_5
qt-devel.x86_64         1:4.6.2-28.el6_5
qt-sqlite.x86_64        1:4.6.2-28.el6_5
qt-x11.x86_64           1:4.6.2-28.el6_5

Thank you.

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