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tini jini

Jul 7, 2019, 2:44:10 AM7/7/19

I have simulated a 4-leg traffic intersection and a traffic light on it in SUMO.

I would implement a dynamic traffic light scheduling algorithm which considers the presence of emergency vehicles. I would like to report the existence of the emergency vehicles to the traffic light (using vehicular communication technology) include type, location, speed and targeted destination of emergency vehicles.

I have used SUMO simulator to generate an intersection and I want to use OMNET++ to implement the scheduling algorithm.

I am a beginner in traffic simulation and SUMO.

I studied the OMNET++ tic-toc tutorial, Veins, and SUMO tutorials and some youtube films. I download and run some examples like carlogicapi.

Now, what is the first step to start coding my project (dynamic traffic light scheduling algorithm)?

What .ned or .h or .cpp files should my project contains?

How can I find out what class and methods should I use?

Thank you

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