how to broadcast a message in GoogleEarth in omnet++

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praful potphode

Apr 4, 2014, 1:27:01 AM4/4/14
Hi All,

I am modifying the GoogleEarth example present in omnet++.
I have added four different clusters in the ned file.
Also, i have added 4 servers for respective clusters.

what i want to acheive is as follows:
1. whenever control is on server,it should transfer data packet to static node.(I have acheive this).
2. whenever the other nodes are closer to static node and control is on that node, static node should transfer data to that node.
(For this i need id and coordinates of each node to be maintained,which i am unable to do).
3.i have to show one malicious node which will move from one cluster to other cluster and will not transfer data.

for 2, i thought i will maintain a table with id , x and y coordinates, and whenever my node is closer to static node i will send data.but, thing is that, i don't know where to declare and initialize it so that it is accessible thorughout Run.

PFA the code for project.

Please let me know solution for this, as i need to complete this asap.

praful potphode

Apr 4, 2014, 1:39:46 AM4/4/14
PFA updated code for project.
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