Global Warming and Microwaves

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Here is what I have received.

Thanks notably to Sam Milham, 
Evelyn Savarin, Michel Parrot' Steven Boone and Katharina Gustavs

Serait-ce à cause des radiofréquences que nous émettons? 
On sait que les antennes des sous-marins chauffent l'ionosphère

Radar devices used as heaters - Weather modification via frequency 

Broadcast Theory of Global Warming.

Global warming began with the advent of AM radio in 1910

First in-situ observations of strong ionospheric perturbations generated by a powerful VLF ground-based transmitter (Fluctuations of electron and ion densities are observed as well as increase of temperature)

HAARP's impact on the climate

Dr. Nick Begich | Angels Don't Play This HAARP & Tesla Technology

Tom Valone wrote:

I looked over the "global warming and microwaves" website and you can rest assured that he has not done his homework. Sorry to see that Dr. Michrowski doesn't address this issue with more details as he used to do. However, the simple answer is that the antennas he shows spraying the atmosphere indiscriminately are misrepresented since they are PARABOLIC antennas designed to shoot only in straight line paths, like parabolic collectors for solar energy, only in reverse. Everyone knows this but it is not as important to the conclusions drawn as is the transmissivity of the atmosphere to UV which is predominately what COMES IN from the sun and the reflectivity or opacity of the atmosphere to IR which is what is "reflected" BACK OUT from the earth after a frequency drop due to absorption. The earth receives an ultraviolet light dominated spectrum from the sun and reradiates infrared predominately. That is the indisputable basis for the greenhouse effect that he overlooks since he believes the same frequency band comes in and gets reflected back upwards. I could go on but we have a wonderful annotated graph on our homepage which (thanks to Dr. Jim Hansen from NASA who received a copy of it from me in person), shows the "lockstep" correlation of CO2 and sea level rise and temperature for the last 400,000 years. Try to tell a climatologist that CO2 is not causing global warming but a low level microwave transmission from satellites and cell towers is! As far as microwaves go, get ready for the Japanese space solar power with heavy megawatt microwaves beamed from satellite receivers in about a decade, with other countries to follow. It will be far exceeding the power density of anything currently bombarding the earth in that bandwidth. However, once again, it will use narrow beam PARABOLIC antennas to reach a small receiver on the ground and not even heat up the cows nearby in the fields. CO2 is the enemy and the fossil fuel industries are similar to the tobacco people in their level of culpability and denial. After a few free energy devices that I know about reach the market in 2013, the playing field will change to sequestration designs like iron seeding of the oceans to grab a billion tons of CO2 or more, once we stop emitting major amounts everywhere.

Thanks for your continued interest and support of our vital work in this area.

Tom Valone

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