Alzheimers' Prevention re H&H's Health 2020

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Subj: Alzheimers' Prevention re H&H's Health 2020....
Subject:    Alzheimers' Prevention re H&H's Health 2020....
TO:    Whom It May Concern at the Alzheimers' Organization:      [ Advocate, Alzheimers' Organization   - ]
and special attention requested of copy recipients below:      
U.S. Dept. of  Health & Human Services   -     
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

National Institute on Aging (NIA/NIH)

Office of Communications and Public Liaison (OCPL)
Building 31, Room 5C27
31 Center Drive, MSC 2292
Bethesda, MD 20892
Phone: 301-496-1752


Ronald C. Petersen, M.D., Ph.D.

Mayo Clinic in Rochester
200 First St. S.W.
Rochester, MN 55905


WHEN is the Alzheimers' Association going to demand the public be informed about the need to reduce electric field exposures especially those close to beds?  
PREVENTION must be "highest priority" re H&H's "Health 2020!
See my appeal to Dr. Marilyn Albert, Alzheimers' Task Force:
My pleas/stories are compelling, accurate and documented.   I have offered to speak in any forum.  My husband, Bud and I, attended the Minnesota-North Dakota Alzheimers' Assoc. Annual Meeting in Bloomington, Minnesota, on November 10, 2009.  At that time, I provided copies of my letter to Dr. Marilyn Albert to one or more Board members and also provided several of  my cards with contact details and website link: ........    I emphasized the importance of public service announcements and education regarding the need reduce bedroom electric field exposure.   Electric appliances, cordless telephones and other telephone equipment, any item with speaker (magnet) -- numerous items, many of which are mentioned on my website -- should be moved away from close proximity to beds.  
In addition to serious concerns linked to many adverse health problems as result of lowering of pineal gland's natural function of producing melatonin when humans and animals are chronically exposed to close electric field exposures, studies also indicate that such close electric field exposures trigger unfolding of proteins which, in turn, form "toxic amyloid!"  
One of my guinea pigs developed Reactive Renal Amyloidosis (kidney) after she was in a cage close to "powerwall" --- our bedroom wall on which electric meter is mounted to outside wall.   Subsequent exposure due to currents on sewer pipe plus electric fields from the high voltage lines on our boulevard also contributed to this rare, serious and fatal condition.    University of Minnesota Necropsy Report:  .......
I am very concerned that Dr. Ronald Petersen did not address any possibilities re "Alzheimers' prevention!"  He was pleased to report that General Electric Health has joined the Mayo Clinic and the NIH in regard to advancing the cause of developing a medication or medications to cure brains of amyloid once identified, presumably by SPECT Scan.     Dr. Petersen did not mention that General Electric Health and the National Institute of Health (NIH) and/or National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) all know that , chronic, electric field exposures are linked to the formation of amyloid!
It is a huge concern that GE owns NBC which controls much of the information via many media sources:   ......    Conflict-of-interest?    Carefully control the science by limiting and outrightly restricting knowledge? 
It is imperative that H&H Secretary Kathleen Sebelius become apprised of this extremely serious situation and responsibly coordinate future studies with existing facts which are already supported by scientific studies and also facts that have been reported long ago!      While a medication to help reduce or eliminate toxic amyloid may be a necessity in our electrically-polluted world, certainly we all have an overwhelming responsibility to apply facts such as the nun study from the 1990's linking heavy sewing machine use to plaque identified at autopsy in the nuns; occupational exposures re electrical and telephone linemen workers;  the enormous costs expended for the EMF RAPID Study, the conclusions of which still remain under control of Dr. Imre Gyuk at the Department of Energy (the EMF Interagency Committee Report - 2000);  the BioInitiative Report:   and much more .........     
Point blank:    We must focus on "prevention" lest all efforts for any sort of workable, manageable health care plan will be meaningless!      No country can afford to turn "blind eye" to facts that many health problems including short term memory loss and MCI (mild cognitive impairment) might be greatly reduced once public service announcements are released to the public.   Infants are diagnosed with asthma soon after electrical and/or telephone (also items with speakers (magnets) exposures close to their cribs.   Asthma, sinus infections, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders), headaches, depression, fatigue and overwhelming lack of energy due to poor quality sleep, so-called ADD/ADHD and on and on.   What in the heck are we willing to allow?    We have PETA to speak out on behalf of animals.   Who cares about the children and their desperate parents?    Or, the wife or husband who suffers TBI after brain cancer surgery; or the spouse of cancer-sufferer, or father or mother or his or her children?    Who cares at all? 
You may be aware that Dr. Mehmet Oz proclaimed on his 11-17-09 show that "it is time to put the precautionary principle into action!"     The program featured cell phones and brain cancer.   Before cancer develops, there are many adverse health changes.    After surgery to remove a brain tumor, the patient suffers from TBI (traumatic brain injury) and therefor, "Reactive Dementia!"
The people depend upon help from the Alzheimers' Association.   Where are you?    Joanne
Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs "R" Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55448-2127 USA
Phone:   763-755-6114
Email:    (11-24-09)
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Federal Update

November 2009

Dear Joanne:    (from  11-24-09)


Advocate Action


Big news about the Breakthrough Act 

When the Alzheimer's Breakthrough Act was introduced in 2007, Alzheimer advocates helped secure 92 cosponsors over 19 months. Because the bill was never brought to a vote, the Breakthrough Act (S.1492/H.R.3286) was reintroduced this year in July. 

In just five busy months, thanks again to the remarkable efforts of advocates, we have secured 102 cosponsors to support this bill!

Because we still have a long way to go in the process of the Breakthrough Act becoming law, we need to keep up the momentum on this bipartisan legislation. Check out the list of current cosponsors here. If your members of Congress are not listed, ask them to sign on today!

What Can I Do Now? 

Since 1979, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has managed a "Healthy People" process that sets national objectives for promoting health and preventing disease.

HHS is currently drafting Healthy People 2020 (HP 2020) goals and objectives that propose 38 topic areas, but there is no topic area for Alzheimer’s or dementia.

To address the absence of Alzheimer's or dementia in HP 2020, HHS needs to hear from concerned citizens. HP 2020 has a public comment section online.  The easiest way to contribute is to submit a comment. If you would prefer, you may also create a profile and then click on "View Objectives/Start Commenting" to add your comment.

In your comments, be sure to include why you personally care about Alzheimer's issues and why Healthy People 2020 needs to address Alzheimer's disease as a public health threat. You may also want to include some of the following facts:

  • 5.3 million people in the US have Alzheimer's disease

  • Someone develops Alzheimer's disease every 70 seconds

  • Each year, Alzheimer's disease costs the medical field over $148 billion

  • Alzheimer's disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the US  

Health Care Reform Update  

On November 7 the House of Representatives passed the "Affordable Health Care for America Act," H.R.3962, by a vote of 220-215.

We are pleased that many Alzheimer's-specific provisions were included in the House version of health care reform legislation. As the Senate works on its version of the health reform bill, we will continue to weigh-in to ensure that Alzheimer related provisions are included.

Learn more about Alzheimer's-related provisions here

Advocacy Forum Information  

Save the date - we look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC at the Advocacy Forum on March 7-9, 2010.

We are preparing for media opportunities that will occur around the 2010 Facts and Figures report which will be released during the Forum. This year’s report will include a special section focusing on Alzheimer's in diverse communities.

We'd like your help. We are interested in profiling families who have compelling stories that offer a unique perspective on the Alzheimer experience and are comfortable and willing to share these experiences with the media. Please contact if you can help. 

Advocate in Action:
Win Heimer,
Connecticut Chapter

Win Heimer became the primary caregiver for his wife Carol after she was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

With his longtime interest in activism, Win found advocating for the Alzheimer’s cause to be a personal and natural fit. 

Win is the chair of the Connecticut Chapter’s public policy committee. He has attended several Advocacy Forums in Washington, DC and

 participated in a panel discussion on grassroots advocacy during the 2008 Forum.

 Currently Win is focused on urging members of Congress to increase federal
 Alzheimer research funding and removing the two-year waiting period for Medicare benefits faced by people with disabilities under age 65. Win has been especially effective at getting the state's two senators and the majority of Connecticut's federal delegation to cosponsor the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act of 2009
"What motivates me is knowing that if more research money had been available
 much sooner, perhaps Carol would not be where she is today," he explained.

We thank Win and all of our advocates across the country for their support of the 

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