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The attached new book alert is a must buy or borrow  for anyone who wishes to understand what could be happening if they are experiencing a myriad of symptoms linked to electro magnetic radiation emissions from their phones, wireless devices and other electronic gadgets, which their doctors and practitioners are finding hard to diagnose.


Dr Kerry Crofton has taken three years to interview and debate the issues around EMR and ill health with the appropriate scientists, around the world.  It is a most useful guide and compendium of resources and cites  relevant scientific research.

At www.radiationrescue.org we learn that:

'Prominent researchers around the world are raising the alarm about the adverse health effects of wireless technology. Today there are 4 billion cell phones in the world, and these and the other devices we use every day -- PDAs, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, baby monitors and more -- are immersing us in a type of harmful radiation our cells have never encountered before in human evolution.

As Dr. Kerry Crofton, a health educator and concerned parent, reveals in her latest book, "Radiation Rescue" (published by iUniverse), the jury is no longer out ... there are thousands of studies showing adverse biological effects. In "Radiation Rescue," Dr. Crofton brings together, for the first time, the evidence and advice from an international panel of leading scientists, physicians and EMR technicians who tell consumers everything they need to know about how to protect themselves and their families. Children and young people are especially vulnerable. The good news: there are safer ways to use these high-tech devices'.

The Book Contents

The 4 Steps To Safeguard Your Family
1. Know The Evidence - contrary to what you may be hearing, the jury is not still out on this one. The extensive research findings may surprise you.
2. Know Your Risks - a detailed questionnaire gives you an idea of the various devices, your level of exposure, and how your health issues may be related.
3. Seek Safer Solutionsoffers up-to-date information on wireless and wired devices. We list the concern, and the safer use for each. 
4. Enjoy Your Family Action Plan - using this information you can develop your Radiation Rescue Family Action Plan™.
In addition to this comprehensive 4-step 'safeguard' program, Radiation Rescue provides preventive measures for the healthy population. Effective interventions are also provided for people with related conditions.

Hope For The Future
 - advocates and researchers encourage us with their hopes for the future. This was a challenge for some who have been lone voices in the wilderness.
Resources - an extensive list of information about professional services, assessment and shielding products, support and advocacy organizations world-wide.

If you would like to send in comments for posting on Dr Croftons' web site please contact: www.radiationrescue.org

The book may be ordered from www.tesco.com or from www.amazon.com at £14.92.

Sarah Dacre

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