Electromagnetic radiation (EMR): Destabilization of Molecules

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Subj: Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) - Destabilization of Molecules
Subject:    Electromagnetic radiation (EMR)  -   Destabilization of Molecules 
To:    John Van Hecke   [  john.v...@mn2020.org ]
          Minnesota 2020 Journal    (see link to article below re bleachers and 35W bridge collapses)
You may be closer than you think re comment, "molecules destabilize" when it comes to considering potential causes of unexpected collapses.    You refer to Circus Juventas' bleacher collapse  and the 35W bridge collapse.  
Minnesota 2020  -  Journal
By John Van Hecke
Minnesota 2020 Fellow

August 21, 2009

It is the unyielding nature of the universe that things fall apart.  Molecules destabilize.  Mountains crumble. Bleachers collapse. Given enough time, things immutably fall apart as the universe seeks maximum homogeneity.

That doesn't mean we have to like it. Because we are human, we impose order and will on an indifferent macrocosmic universe.  We routinely build structures with the implicit understanding that, absent regular maintenance and recapitalization, our structures will eventually fail. No matter how well we build bleachers or bridges, they will eventually collapse.

Unexpected collapse, on the other hand, really gets people riled up.   [ snip ]
"Indifference" is accompanied by silence, greed and deception on the part of industries, governments and even scientists.     Apathy and indifference are encouraged because of lack of trust on all levels.    Mainstream media restricts free speech!
I have not reviewed facts re the area surrounding the circus bleacher collapse but I have heard local news reports that a powerful magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research  lab was moved out of the hillside adjacent to one end of the 35W bridge.
I am pasting below the beginning of an article regarding MRI shielding:

DOTmed Industry Sector Report:  MRI Shielding Sales & Service

February 04, 2009
by Keith Loria, Reporter
This report originally appeared in the January 2009 issue of DOTmed Business News.

When Ken Poteete was the CEO for Georgetown Healthcare System, the health care provider upgraded from a .5T to a 1.5T. Even though the equipment was upgraded, there were still problems. "When the install was complete, some of the protocols produced poor image quality," says Poteete. "After two weeks of troubleshooting, it turned out there was a breach in the RF shield."    [ snip ]
While focus of Keith Loria's article re MRI shielding is for the purpose of assuring clear images, his report is nevertheless "chillingly relevant" in regard to probable adverse effects on the 35W bridge for many reasons.
Without even considering leakage from the MRI research laboratory due to likely settling of the building therefor causing doors to be misaligned, joint failures and even holes drilled by various workmen, there are apparently no regulations or guidelines by any agency to verify effectiveness of shielding on a regular basis.   
Loria's article correctly reports concerns about RF from external sources.   Those external RF sources are increasing every day  --   wireless (WiFi), cellular antennae, cell phone signals and also electric fields from power lines.   For MRI machines, these signals are problematic and must be shielded in order to produce good images.    The world outside the laboratory is vulnerable to RF (and electric fields from numerous sources) assault on a continuous basis!
Whether bridge supporting materials, bleacher plates, screws/bolts, etc., or human and/or animals, "all matter" is affected whether positively or negatively depending upon influences of varying waveforms.
 Electromagnetic field therapy (EMF's) used to heal bones would not be effective if such stimulation were prolonged or continuous, a breakdown would most likely occur.  
I can assure you there are many EMF activists, researchers and scientists who "do not like it" and who are demanding responsible regulation to limit the installation of more cellular antennae, to challenge closeness of high voltage power line placements, to request removal of WiFi from schools, education re dangers of electronics in close proximity to bodies, etc.
On behalf of many, I applaud your questions and concerns!     Not only will bleachers and bridges collapse, but apathy, indifference, neglect, silence and greed re electric field issues might be the end of society as we know it......   I am most certainly  "riled up!"       We need to "keep up fight," thanks and take care  -   Joanne
Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs "R" Us
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Minneapolis, Minnesota  55448-2127 USA
Phone:   763-755-6114
Email:    jcmpe...@aol.com   (8-25-09)
ARE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN GUINEA PIGS?    Letter 7-22-04 by Joanne Mueller
Radiation Rescue by K. Crofton, Ph.D. at www.radiationrescue.org  
The Statin Damage Crisis;   Statin Drugs Side Effects;   Lipitor:  Thief of Memory  by Dr. Duane Graveline at  www.spacedoc.net
Radiation Research Trust  at www.radiationresearch.org
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