WHO is accused of exaggerating the swine flu threat

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Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization,
acknowledged that the organisation has lost the trust of the people of
the world following mass rejection of the swine flu jab in a speech to
the Executive Board yesterday, 18 January 2010.

"We anticipated problems in producing enough vaccine fast enough, and
this did indeed happen. But we did not anticipate that people would
decide not to be vaccinated," she said.

She attributed the unwillingness of people to take the swine flu jab
to "the revolution in communications and information technologies"
which has allowed information about the vaccine -- specifically the
fact it has not been clinically tested and contains dangerous
ingredients -- to spread on the internet.

"In today’s world, people can draw on a vast range of information
sources. People make their own decisions about what information to
trust, and base their actions on those decisions, "she said.

"The days when health officials could issue advice, based on the very
best medical and scientific data, and expect populations to comply,
may be fading. It may no longer be sufficient to say that a vaccine is
safe, or testing complied with all regulatory standards, or a risk is

The widespread recogniton that the WHO and national governments have
promoted dangerous vaccines has resulted in a breach in trust that
will not be repaired.

Clearly, any advice offered by WHO and national health ministries
should be grounded in facts, clinical studies and scientific data that
prove that the vaccines are helpful.

In addition, regulatory standards should ensure that only those
vaccines that have passed objective scientific tests proving their
usefulness should be allowed to be marketed.

This has not been the case.

There is verifiable scientific evidence proving the swine flu vaccines
with mercury and squalene are actually harmful.

There is evidence the regulatory standards have been bent and special
„emergency“ procedures implemented for „pandemic vaccines“ simply in
order allow those harmful vaccines on the market without adequate
clinical studies.

Furthermore, it is evident from WHO’s own data there is no pandemic.

Also, WHO cannot change the definition of pandemic to include every
seasonal flu, however mild, without itself becoming the target of

Evident to everyone is that the new and superfluous global pandemic
managment system has been so designed that WHO can only exercise its
sweeping new powers under the International Health Regulations when a
pandemic level 6 emergency is declared – and that WHO is distorting
every fact and even the definition of the word pandemic to allow just
such a declaration for its own political and financial ends.

WHO has sidelined itself from the global health debate.

It has helped set up and profited from a system of global pandemic
management that serves no purpose other than to enrich the pharma
companies and expand the power of the banksters, who largely fund it.

Pandemics, if they are real, can be managed at a local level with
means such as face masks, colloidal silver, vitamins etc.

This is also true of any artificial pandemic that WHO affiliated
professors such as Professor Lina conducting research on making the
swine flu more like the bird flu might ignite.

„In my view, this is a new communications challenge that we may need
to address," Dr Chan says, failing to grasp the gigantic implications
of the rejection of the people of the world of the swine flu vaccine
in spite of unprecedented media and government propaganda.

People around the world have awoken to the fact that the
„communication“ from WHO, passed on uncritically by their agents in
national governmetns and the mainstream media are dangerous propaganda
serving the interests of the pharmaceutical companies and banks.

It has become apparant that WHO is a threat to humanity. It serves
the interests of a private and unelected group led largely by the
Rockefellers that believe that there are too many people on the planet
and it is their duty ot murder us by means of soft kill vaccines.

Dodge & Cox, for example, is one of the main institutional investors
in Glaxo Smith Kline, manufacturer of the dangerous pandemrix jab, and
a fund set up by Van Duyn Dodge family, related to Edward Seguin van
Duyn, an early advocate of planned parenthood, and sterilization.

Because of the threat that WHO represents to the people of the world,
especially the developping world where is vast immunization programmes
are unsupervised, it needs to be dismantled.

In the last few monts, there have been unprecedented revelations about
the depths of corruption and criminality of he UN in respect to
climate change scam and of the WHO in respect to the swine flu

But the complicity of national governments has also come under the

There will be no return to the status quo ante.

The growth of communications and information technology cannot be

As an Irish person once said, when a good person dies, their voices go
on talking forever but when an evil person dies, their voices fall
silent, thereby underlining the reality that acts of communication
have an inherent bias towards life-promoting values, and the truth.

The WHO and their allied national government will not be able to stop
this dynamic of the communication age, especially not now when it’s
voice has fallen silent on the world stage.

Jane Burgermeister

Informant: Iris Atzmon

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