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25.11.2012, 23:51:0025.11.12
an omeg...@googlegroups.com
New children's book on wireless technologies.
Does a child in your family use a mobile or cordless phone, a wireless laptop or a tablet?
Here's a book they can't afford to miss by Australian writer Lyn McLean and illustrator Janet Selby.
Order your copy for Christmas now on Amazon at:
And don't forget to like it on Facebook!
Lyn McLean and Janet Selby
Lyn McLean
EMR Australia


28.11.2012, 01:43:0128.11.12
an World-News
Note: WEEP believes that children should not be exposed to wireless
microwave radiation in their homes, schools and the environment.

There is already plenty of strong scientific and other evidence to
show that wireless radiation may cause children very serious long term
health damage.

Informant: Martin Weatherall
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