MTHFR (C677T) gene and electric field links to mental problems, childhood Leukemia

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Subject:     MTHFR (C677T) gene and electric field links to mental problems, childhood Leukemia
Dear Iris:    My husband was identified as having the C677T mutation in the MTHFR gene quite a few years ago when we both went to a hematologist at the University of Minnesota. The geneticist who called said family members did not need to be checked. They were "aware" of my concerns re power lines, electric meters and I think also appliances.
Last night, I reviewed a Chinese study re childhood Leukemia and power line exposures that included reference to this same polymorphism.
File notes:   Subject:   Chinese study/reLeukemia...includes ref polymorphism...see MTHFR (C677T) mutation
Chinese study re DNA polymorphisms
Note:    Bud's MTHFR (C677) gene is "polymorphism" but unlike this chinese study suggests, he did not "inherit" the gene but rather, the gene is defect caused by close, chronic, prolonged electric field exposures. As suspected, Univ Mn geneticist would not have wanted to discuss this and could not care less if family has same mutation.........  jcm.....7-07-09.
This morning, I found the following Israeli study. I am wondering if you can provide any insight into potential environmental differences between Ashkenazi and non-Ashkenazi Jews? See part of conclusion in red below:
"...........The frequency of the mutation is significantly higher in Ashkenazi compared with non-Ashkenazi Jews.........."      Conclusion jrl article below:

The C677T mutation in the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene and vascular dementia.

Department of Medicine, Hadassah University Hospital, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel.

I do notice from a google search that Ashkenazi Jews migrated to various regions in Europe but thought I would send info to you for any comments you might wish to make in  regard. to lifestyle-factors which may differ and/or are "known differences" between Ashkenazi Jews and non-Askenaqi Jews
I have also located info suggesting persons with the MTHFR (C677T) mutation may develop "mental illness."      See:        

MTHFR Variations Linked to Mental Health Disorders

Posted  October 14, 2007 by Dr. T.R. Morris

Bud initially was said to suffer "profound and unusual memory loss and cognitive impairment. This was the best the neuropsychologist could come up with insofar as an attempt to 'diagnose' Bud after lengthy neuropsych testing part of several days.
He subsequently was diagnosed as "MCI" (mild cognitive impairment with some reference to memory problems)  -- that was by another neurologist in Minneapolis, said to be best substitute (by Univ of Mn personnel) instead of taking Bud to Mayo Clinic.   
A couple more years of testing by neuropsych at the Minneapolis neurologist's office, yielded "diagnosis" of "Alzheimers."   After interacting with Dr. Duane Graveline, retired astronaut, researcher, M.D. via email and informing him that Bud's PET Scan did not show any pathological changes, I questioned "Alzheimers' diagnosis." Dr. Duane Graveline advised discontinuing Bud's statin (Lipitor).....see:  for info re dangers of statins.    I had previously reported improvement in Bud after moving his electric clock radio off his nightstand and starting him on nightly melatonin.    Bud improved in one part of his Executive Function.    Testing another year later after discontinuing the statin, Bud had then improved in a total of three parts of his Executive Function (neuropsych testing).
Neurologist admitted if PET Scan did not show build-up of plaque/blockages, etc., that Bud does not have Alzheimers.    He,  however, continued to write-up clinic reports as "Alzheimers' diagnosis." When I later asked about this, he said, "....well, it depends upon your 'reason'  --  insurance, lawsuit or?"  
Issue of Bud being identified with MTHFR (C677T) mutation was never discussed. Bud was sent for APOE testing which reveals allele APOE4. Since having positive APOE4 does not necessarily confirm one will develop Alzheimers, the subject was dropped. 
Our last visit to neurologist was based primarily on his question to me which was "what is the single, most important thing you have done to help Bud?"    Being limited in my answer, I was forced to say:   " him melatonin is the most important thing I have done......"    I knew without a doubt the neurologist did not want to have me repeat what I had attempted to discuss many times before  --  that nighttime electric fields and consumption of dangerous statin medication -- likely "synergystic effects," robbed him of essential enzymes including CoEnzymeQ-10 while also exposing him to more harm by reducing cholesterol which is known to protect one's brain.    Bud also works for hours at a time under power lines  when mowing/raking/shoveling, etc.which, in turn, causes more harm. 
It is said "patients will tell you what is wrong with them........"     Even a tiny infant who may exhibit symptoms of autism-spectrum disorder "tries to tell......"     An infant with item that has a speaker (magnet) will "squirm away" from source of electric fields. The infant mentioned in my "Project Sheep Sleep" letter stopped moving to far end of crib immediately after items with sound/magnets were removed:    
Sleep Sheep creating a tranquil environment?
The many clues that are emerging as result of a variety of studies are beginning to merge and from where I stand, it seems obvious to me that we need to focus on "environmental assaults" as opposed to "heritage."    Take care   -  Joanne
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