Personal Request Regarding H1N1 / Swine Flu

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02.11.2009, 02:31:1102.11.09

Personal Request Regarding H1N1 / Swine Flu

Dr. Joseph Mercola October 28 at 3:23pm Report

We’ve reached a critical juncture in the world of health and our rights to choose how we, not the government or any health agency, have the right to obtain information and make independent choices to care for our miraculous bodies.

I am pleading with you to forward this information to everyone you care about. There is a very serious and unfortunate corruption and deception going on between large corporations and government health officials that have an enormous impact on your freedom to choose, and your ability to receive independent information.

We’ve reached a point we can no longer be complacent. We must build awareness and promote these facts so people have the necessary information to make an INFORMED decision.

I would specifically request that you read 3 of my most recent articles and pass them along to your friends and family.

We’ve also created an index of important information at

Please help spread the word, and if possible we also have some posters to spread the message on community bulletin boards.

Thanks much for your efforts in getting this critical information to your family and friends!

Dr. Mercola

The shocking truth about why Obama announced a National Public Health Emergency in the US this weekend.

Informant: sasha karlik


04.11.2009, 02:52:5604.11.09
an World-News
One of the Biggest Cover-Ups in History

Government-media lies about swine flu.
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