How to Protect Yourself in a Pandemic

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Natural Solutions Foundation
Health Freedom eAlert
Weaponized Avian Flu: Protecting Your Family

August 3, 2008


Weaponized Avian Flu: Protecting Your Family

Professional Advice Regarding Protecting Yourself in a Pandemic

In This Issue:

1. Introduction
2. Memorandum from NBC Protection Expert (Quarantine)
3. Fourteen Preparedness Points
4. Other Preparedness Steps


Natural Solutions Foundation has recently identified a potential for the near-term release of a Weaponized Avian Flu. You can read about our analysis at:

However, in this eBlast we concentrate on what you can do about the threat wherever you are. While the threats are many, we know the solutions are, inevitably, natural...


But how do we know that we are right about the coming intentionally man-made Avian Flu pandemic plague?  And, more importantly, how do YOU know that we are right.  Or wrong?




These are tough (and scary) times and the Natural Solutions Foundation is there for you.  Although we are putting huge effort into analysing the intellegence we are getting and figuring out what it means, we do not know what is coming with certainty. That is the nature of intellegence analysis. 

But you can be sure we will pass on information which we believe to be reasonable when it is from sources which we believe to be credible.  As always, in the end it is up to you to assign a reality value to this information and make your choices.  We can tell you what makes the most sense for us personally and what we recommend. Then it's up to you.

Some believe that if (if?  The US Government and the international agencies like the UN and World Health Organization keep using the world inevitable so for them it is a "when", not an "if) a Pandemic comes, those who "self quarantine" will be left alone because the Powers that Be (PTB) will have more than enough on their hands and will leave you alone, during at least the first phase. 

I do not know if that is true.  But a well-known expert in preparedness and response protocols has offered information on self-quarantine which we hope you find useful in that spirit.

We are therefor posting the following information on self-quantine in the hope that, should you be in the man-made Avian Flu plague zone (the US) and you decide to self-quantine, you will have information on how to do so.  Save this information on your computer so that you can refer to it should the need arise.

I cannot say for sure that this would or would not help, but some people believe that it will. In the meantime, with so many imponderables confronting us, we will continue to provide information and options to you.

Risky Business

You know, the Foundation is taking a risk here: we are making people really, really uncomfortable.  We are saying what others are not and we are helping you to prepare about something that may not happen.  Since plans like man-made pandemics work best when surprise and helplessness prevail, the PTB may decide that we have generated so much public awareness that they will hold off on their plans!

Indeed, the very fact that we ARE saying it MAY mean that it does NOT happen. Think about it: if the plans for a man-made plague are being laid and they are supposed to take us all by surprise, our "outing" the secret means that more and more people are aware and not surprised.
You are, we fervently hope, forwarding our information to others, spreading the awareness and dampening the "Shock and Awe" effect.  That means that the PTB might decide to back off, change their timeline and NOT carry out their planned attack on us.
So, by being right we could well wind up being wrong.  Let us devoutly pray to God (of any sort) or the forces of intention or whatever you devoutly pray to, that we wind up being wrong.  And let us pray that we get there by having made a mistake in our analysis.
That way, there will be no rain check on disaster.


But it is possible, all too possible, that our analysis is correct.  In that case, you are forewarned and forearmed by the information we provide for you.

By the way, all this information gathering and dissemination takes time and effort.  That means money.  If you are in the information flow and you want to stay there, it is only fair that you help support this effort.  That means making a recurring, tax deductible donation now.  Click
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Supporting Actors

We either support each other or leave ourselves vulnerable to whatever the PTB have in mind.  I'd rather rely on us, thanks!

By the way, healthy immune systems are more essential than ever. Check out the store to make sure that you have high quality products to support that immune system.


We Received the Following Information On Self-Quarantine for the Health Freedom eAlert

This information was provided to us from a retired NBC government employee (NBC = Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical).

Since retirement he has gone on to teach preparations to people on warfare and pandemics. He is also a CERT trainer and travels abroad to teach other countries what to do in earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Please take advantage of what this man has to offer, as we forward his information, with his blessings, to you.

Quarantine, Quarantine, Quarantine


I have been asked repeatedly about how to quarantine properly and so this private memorandum is being written to respond to that question.

The first thing we need to consider is why we are quarantining. Remember quarantine is due to a biological event and not a chemical or nuclear incident. For these last two you should be sheltering in place. A proper quarantine will protect you from what ever it is you are trying to protect against, henceforth there will be discussing different stages of quarantine.

1. The first and most basic stage is to go home lock the doors and stay there. DO NOT try to seal up your home with duct tape and plastic as you will not have enough oxygen to breathe within a very short time. This method is used for chemical events where you need to be indoors for a very short period of time. Most quarantines will last days if not weeks and months. At this stage you can actually go out in to your front yard or back yard and breathe the air just fine just as long as you do not breathe someone else's air that might be infected with an airborne communicable disease or virus. This could include certain animals and insects, all depending on the biological involved.

All infected people should remain a good distance (minimum 20 feet) away from you and anyone else sheltering with you. Anyone (again including certain animals and some insects) that has been in a possibly infected area should be kept separate (quarantined separate) from you until they have sought proper medical attention (if it is available) and been cleared or they have run the course of waiting the required length of time to be sure that symptoms will or will not show up.
Remember in most biologicals symptoms do not show up for several days.
[Note from NSF: we have been examining the historical record for latency and infectious periods (for example, for the 1918 pandemic and for the unweaponized Avian Flu). The latency period could be up to 2 weeks. Our current best estimate is that people will start to notice symptoms as soon as a week after disbursal of the pathogen; the disease will, if especially virulent, cause death within 72 hours of first symptoms. For example, if the pathogen were released, say, on August 23rd, people would start to notice symptoms by the end of the Labor Day Holiday (Labor Day is September 1st this year). By the time most students are back in school, say, September 5th, the media would begin to notice and the public authorities would be empowered to act, we suspect, within 72 hours of mass media notice (we believe the alternative media might "get wind" of the impending pandemic a day or a half day earlier). That brings us to September 8th. We can expect national "lock down" and Martial Law within a day or two, as people panic to obtain food and protection. End of Internet communications; possibly of telephone as well. We note that the "Pandemic Avian Flu Vaccine" is scheduled to be delivered to the United States from the Chinese pharmaceutical plant where it is being made during August.]

For mothers and other care givers wishing to attend infected persons, especially children, during this time, a full biological protection mask, gown, and gloves should be used and then disposed of properly. This really should be avoided at all costs but trying to tell a mother she cannot care for her children is sometimes near to impossible. Exposure time should be set at a bare minimum. The proper shielding garments to be worn would be a disposable non-breathable (Tyvek) suit (available at most paints stores), a tight fitting (with two straps) N-95 or N-100 dust mask, and latex or rubber gloves. All of this needs to be disposable. A better face mask with biological filters is suggested.

It is important to remain quarantined for the suggest length of time that the certain biological requires. This will vary from biological to biological. This means no going to the store or to work or church or school or . . . STAY HOME.

2. The second stage is for more serious conditions where being around certain biologicals, even on the other side of a locked door, posses a more serious problem. Usually at this stage a gas mask with a biological filter is needed instead of a simple N-95 dust mask. Be wary of official warnings as when to move to this level.

3. The third stage is the most serious and nothing other than a level one suit is necessary. Again be wary of official warning as when to move to this level although the common citizen should never be involved with such procedures that would require this level.

What more can I say about this other than . . . STAY HOME. If you prepare now you can do this. It really is not that hard.

Fourteen Point Plan

1. Have a Family Call-out Plan. When the pandemic starts, activate the Call-out plan - calls out to every family member to get everyone home ASAP.

2. If still on the road and/or in public, pull out gas mask, with bio-filter, from kit in auto.

3. Keep radio tuned to local stations you trust for local updates.

4. Upon arriving home, start quarantine process by bringing everyone inside including pets.

5. Put a "Quarantine" sign on front door.

6. Start bio-in-house filter.

7. Set up decontamination station in garage with drapes, shower, gloves, masks, and gowns.

8. Set up isolation rooms for possible sick family members and guests

9. Start everyone on immune system boosters. [Note from NSF: see  to find some good natural solutions to immune system support. We believe the alleged "Pandemic Avian Flu Vaccine" may very well be dangerous and would be very careful about voluntarily receiving it.]

10. (a) Check all electrical (solar, 12 volt, and battery) systems in case of loss of power.

(b) Check water supplies, have everyone shower daily until loss of water pressure.

(c) Check on possibility of working from home.

11. Request over the phone for advanced homework assignments for school age children to be sent over the Internet

12. Check with contacts you trust for updates on problem.

13. Call your neighbors, on the phone, for distribution of information sheets to neighbors upon confirmation of problem.

14. Prepare to pull out alternative heating/cooking/lighting/sanitation measures to be used.

[Some language has been modified to fit our format.]

Other Steps You Can Take

Dr. Laibow recently made a video on preparing for an Avian Flu Pandemic:

She also made a video about Genetically Modified Food. The points raised are also valid when preparing for a pandemic.

Remember to stockpile enough food for you and your family for several weeks.

We believe that this threat can be averted by public awareness. We need your help to get this message out... being prepared will allow more good people to suvive; being prepared will reduce the likelihood of this pandemic occuring.

We urgently need your recurring tax deductible donations to allow us to distribute this information. Please make your recurring donation here:

Get as many people as possible to join the Health Freedom eAlert system so they can be kept updated on the threats to health and freedom, pass along the information, further viralizing it. You can join

We are the ones we've been waiting for.  The viralization of this powerful information is our best tool to prevent succumbing to pandemic hysteria!

Yours in health and freedom, 

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director 
Natural Solutions Foundation 

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