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Many thanks to Joanne and Olle for your answers.

The only two study I have about S-100 and EMF are from S�derqvist et al.
Based only on the abstracts, both concern SB100B, one with the
exposure to a 890 MHz mobile phone-like signal, one with wireless
telephones. See:

S100 protein family constitutes the largest subgroup of the Ca binding
proteins. There are more than 20 different types of S100 proteins, see :

As we know, efflux of calcium is related to 16 Hz modulated. See for

To my point of view, this means that the two S�derqvist studies are
maybe not relevant in that case because mobile phones don't emit 16
Hz. On the other hand, Mobile GSM TDMA masts emit 8,34 Hz for the
speaking channel. By the Fourier effect, this conduct to have a
harmonic frequency resonance of 16 Hz which lead to calcium efflux.

It seems that S100 increase is a consequence of a lot of diseases or injury.

What I am asking myself is that calcium efflux could provoke so much
perturbations in our biological body that it could exist a reactive
system mechanism that promote S100xx proliferation in response to an
injury caused originally by calcium efflux. It could be like a vicious

Here under, some studies about S100 family not directly related with EMF.

I will be pleased to read your comments.

Philippe Hug
Chairman of ARA

PS : Olle Johansson et al. study attached
1. Reply.doc


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Reply Olle Johansson with study


Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 09:06:30 EST [25.11.2009 15:06:30 CET]
From: JCMPelican
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The following study involves one of the S100 proteins -- S100 beta,
glial changes and B-Amyloid re Alzheimers and Downs Syndrome. We often
hear about Downs Syndrome and susceptibility to Leukemia. Would love to
have the complete study at following link. It mentions several agonists
and antagonists being tried. Without the complete study, we do not know
what role frequency changes may have played.

I actually had the PubMed link for same article on my desk top re
gliomas and brain cancer. There are many overlapping studies re
glial activities and various protein changes. .......

Subtle changes in protein synthesis result in sub-identification which
represent various mutations, hence, different end results.

I can not spare the time but have many studies re S100 proteins,
phosphyloration, etc. You are correct, we do have all of the studies
necessary to prove but we have "no legal legs" and basically "no
voice! With such strong "media silence," tragedies will continue
to be reported enmasse. Take care - Joanne (11-25-09)


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Melanoma S-100 Protein

I found the following study :

See also :

S100 proteins have been implicated in a variety of intracellular and
extracellular functions. S100 proteins are involved in regulation of
protein phosphorylation, transcription factors, Ca++ homeostasis, the
dynamics of cytoskeleton constituents, enzyme activities, cell growth
and differentiation, and the inflammatory response.

An other mechanism to say EMF are guilty with a lot of side effects ?
Do I have to say mayday again ?

I will be pleased to read your comments.

Philippe Hug
Chairman of ARA

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