Massive US Deficit Spells Austerity Policy For Next Administration

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Aug 3, 2008, 11:46:47 PM8/3/08
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By Jerry White

Once again, both parties will use the lie that there is "no money" to
meet social needs, while hundreds of billions are squandered on
imperialist wars and channeled into the pockets of the wealthiest one
percent of the population.

Crisis Looms as Corporations Seize Control of Commodities

By Barbara L. Minton

The global food crisis won't go away any time soon. Capitalism has the
average consumer by the belly. Amid growing signs of famine and
outrage, the entire chain of commodities and resources of the world
are now being cornered by giant corporations. Farmland, water,
fertilizer, seed, energy, and most of the basic necessities of life
are falling under corporate control, providing increased wealth and
power to the ruling elite while the rest of humanity struggles.

Speculation Behind Global Commodity Price Rise

By Ramgopal Agarwala

Michael Masters, a hedge fund manager in his testimony before the US
Congress, has said that gasoline prices could fall to $2 a gallon,
half of today's price with legislation barring commodity index funds.
There are now more than 10 legislative proposals before the US
Congress calling for better regulation of commodity index markets.

The Politics of Rice

Video Report

A look at how the stories of politics, rice, and the United States are
deeply interwoven. Twenty years ago, Haiti produced enough rice to
feed its population. Importing rice from other countries like the US
was unheard of. Today, the country of less than 10 million people is
the third largest importer of US rice in the world - 75 per cent of
the rice eaten in Haiti is shipped in from the US.
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