Sleep and its relationship with cancer

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*_Mercury in our food supply!_*

Interesting article. This (mercury) could be contributing to heavy metal
intake of EHS sufferers.


**Rob Metzinger**

**Safe Living Technologies Inc.**

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We know from research (and often from our own experiences) that electro
magnetic radiation causes severe sleep disruption. Persons who suffer
sleep difficulties, are more likely to become ill and develop cancer. In
the article below, we learn that if cancer patients do not sleep well
after treatment, they are less likely to recover. It seems obvious to me
that hospitals should be kept clear of electro magnetic radiation and
when patients are sent home, they should be warned to avoid all exposure
to EMR. Patients should be warned to avoid cell phones, cordless phones,
WiFi, antenna masts and other wireless devices.

Martin Weatherall



Sleep: Essential to Good Health, Yet Underappreciated by Many

Colin Gittens <>
January 30, 2009

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